A How To Guide

In an effort to be a better girlfriend I decided it was time to dig out the cake tin andbake my beloved a chocolate cake. Here is a guide for the unsuspecting to be better able to spot the signs that Steph has been baking – it’s only fair to warn people in advance.

Sign 1 – The sink looks like this (the bench does too – there’s at least one more bowl):

Warning signs that Steph has been baking

Sign 2 – Follow the cocoa/flour/icing sugar explosion:

Warning signs that Steph has been baking

Sign 3 – A badly iced cake with at least one hole in it:

Warning signs that Steph has been baking

The baking powder expired nearly 2 years ago but it’s barely used so I still use it. In case it got weaker over time (or whatever happens when it expires) I just put in a wee bit extra. Bad bad idea. The cake was so big it ate the ‘pole’ thingy in the middle of the ring tin. At least I know the baking powder is still good!

It’s now midnight and I’m going to relax with some ugly but delicious cake before getting a good nights sleep. I’ll need to be well rested to face washing those dishes tomorrow.



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11 responses to “A How To Guide

  1. This post made me laugh! It’s nice to see the not so perfect baking on a blog for a change. All these photo’s on other blogs of perfect cakes ~ not to mention perfect and very tidy kitchens make me feel very inadequate sometimes! I have to confess that my kitchen looks very much like a bomb site after I have cooked or baked anything too :O)

  2. It looks delicious to me !!!! Who care about the looks it is the taste what counts πŸ˜‰ !!! Enjoy !!!

  3. jen

    I agree entirely with My 1st Bambina. Did Dave have some? Did he like it? If so thats all that matters πŸ™‚

  4. Cake not ugly! Cake looks yum!!!!!!

  5. Yum….I bet that was a delicious cake. My kitchen looks a lot like yours after I’ve been baking.

  6. haha! love the mess, makes you real! lol

    cake looks delicious, I need that right now!

    bet the boyfriend loved it!


  7. I agree with Jackie — it’s so refreshing to see a “real” post about baking a cake — I love your theory and experiment with the baking powder. I think the cake looks wonderful and I bet it was delicious. Only the best girlfriends bake chocolate cakes for their boyfriends!

  8. I agree with the other lovely ladies- if it tasted good then nothing else matters! My kitchen looks like that most of the time, even after just cooking dinner.. lets just say that might be why I haven’t posted pictures of my kitchen for the world to see. haha I commend you for keeping it real : )

  9. Ice cream and icing can hide a large number of sins. In fact they can make a cake explosion entirely worth it. I hope you had a piece of cake in hand while you tackled the dishes too.

  10. it looks fantastic to me but i am a baker who works on the premise that it has to look homemade otherwise you might as well buy one πŸ˜‰
    btw – you bake like my daughter…….hmmmmmm
    she’s planning a big baking fest today whilst we are out. my conversation with her last night went like this….
    me: “you will clean up after yourself won’t you….(still me) yes mum……like properly this time….i always do it properly……and you will do all the dishes and clean up all the crap on the floor…..don’t i always?”
    em looked up at that point and said “did you just have a whole conversation with yourself?? lol”
    she never takes me seriously!
    bake more – it’s good for the soul

  11. Mia

    The cake looks soooo yuuummmie to me!

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