Work in progress

If there is one phrase that sums up my life right now it is Work In Progress. I have a pile of WIP’s waiting for the materials I need to finish them. Oh to finish a project, just one! I have counted 14 projects to finish! Not including the 5 in my head that I simply don’t have the time to start. Inspiration is all good and well but it becomes rather messy without focus to hold it together. But I can at least say I am sticking to my new years goals so far and that’s probably a record. I have sewn, I only owe the library $1, I took 3 enormous black rubbish sacks of clothes and books to the thrift store – oh that felt good! And I am still walking! Including today I have walked on 7 of the past 9 days! It hasn’t been particularly fun and is definitely not easy but I feel healthier, I know it’s for a good cause and soon I will look good enough and fell confident enough to sew myself that skirt I so badly want to be able to wear! I was standing at a bus stop once all dressed up in a skirt and I distracted a man so badly he nearly walked into a pole! Admittedly I think it was my boobs, not my skirt that did it but  still…I want to look like that again!

Here’s a mosaic of what’s on my mind until I can finish something to show you. Babies (of course), colour, home (we’re slowly starting to house hunt!!), crochet, cats and pink lemonade. I had it in the US in 2006 and I miss it.

Babies, colour, crochet, home



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7 responses to “Work in progress

  1. jen

    wtg on your walking
    I dont always getting out there
    however with me I have too
    I use my home care work as an excuse to exercise and have deadlines to meet

    you went to the US in 2006? Where abouts? Ive never been out of NZ have travelled both islands a lot though

  2. Well done on the walking and sticking to your new year goals.

    LOL about the man you distracted. They can be such dirty perves. lol

  3. Steph, next time you are in Carterton, our favorite cafe “Cafe Mirabelle” sell French pink lemonade, the kids love it. $6 for a large bottle and you can keep the bottle for other uses afterwards.

  4. Good for you sticking to your goals! 🙂 I wish I could mail you some pink lemonade, but I would think the bottle might break or customs might not like it…

  5. Good on you with keeping up with your goals. I like the mosaic very pretty colours and sweet little ones. How do you make them? I’m still a blogger amateur.

  6. your on a roll!!!

    no man would EVER walk into a pole looking at my boobs, haven’t really got any – lol

    lovely pictures!


  7. Woo hoo on the walking front ( and far out on the man-walking-into-pole front! Them must be some impressive boobs! Mine are definitely nothing to get excited about!) and good luck on the WIP front, at last count I had about 50 half-finished projects. whoopsie.

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