I’ve had a couple of days to relax but you know what? Dave is off work until the eleventh so….I think my relaxing will start on the 11th. It’s just really frickin’ stressful here. Little house, out of space, man under my feet and where is our freaking summer? Gale force winds and rainrainrain. How am I supposed to go for a walk to lose weight in gale force winds? My next fertility appointment is next month and I have nothing to show for it which is making me anxious. But I have at least got my goals sorted out. We won’t call them resolutions cos we all know how well those things last.


  • Make more money
  • Spend less money than we make
  • Save more some money
  • Spend more thoughtfully. Do I really need it? Really? No? Then put it back.
  • Buy a good house.

Personal life:

  • Be online less. Stop ogling their crafts and make your own for once!
  • Sew more, crochet more, embroider more. Just be more creative
  • Rack up less library fees. They don’t need my money. I need my money.
  • Lose the weight. Thin = Baby remember? It’s worth it, I swear. (That’s going to be my motto for 2010. Going for a walk in gale force winds? It’s for a baby. It’s worth it, I swear.)
  • Just be healthier because I want to be.
  • Have a system. Menu plan, baking day etc. Get some frickin’ order in my life!
  • Monthly declutter
  • Be the girlfriend you want Dave to have.
  • Become a wifey.

So… I think that’s a good start. I’m going to print my goals out so I don’t have any excuses and then I’m going to put a jersey on and go for a walk in those howling gales. This is Baby Year people and it’s worth it, I swear.



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18 responses to “2010

  1. Jen

    You could come up here for a while
    ITS HOT!!!!

    “Rack up less library fees. They don’t need my money. I need my money”
    totally agree 🙂 Im right there too lol only its not really funny is it

  2. glendasikes

    I like all of your goals :). IMO, resolutions are very much “all or nothing”, whereas goals are flexible and can be adjusted however necessary to fit into your life.

    We, too, have to get on the “spend less than we earn” bandwagon this year. We’ll be needing to replace one or both cars, preferably later this year but definitely by early 2011, and we’d rather pay cash than finance, or at least finance very small amounts (comparatively speaking).

    I agree with the “stop oogling their crafts and make your own” goal — it’s hard, but staying away from the computer absolutely makes it easier!

    Does your library have online access? When I have books due I often renew them online (but that can’t be done once they become overdue). I hate having library fines, especially since they’re not as cheap as they used to be!

    Good luck with getting your walking in in crazy weather :). We’ve had a Wii for several years and I used some of my Christmas $$$ to buy us a Wii Fit Plus, which kiddo and I both enjoy. It’s the colder time of year for us + it gets dark so much earlier now that going for walks just doesn’t happen often enough. So we’ll see if the Wii Fit can, indeed, keep “we” fit ;-).

  3. I am right there with you and your goals – my favorite – ” * Be online less. Stop ogling their crafts and make your own for once!”

    I spend way, way too much time on the internet!!!

    Going to start crafting right now.
    Happy New Year!

  4. What fantastic goals! I pretty much need to do all of the same things as you (except the wifey bit.. ). Especially the crafting bits, it’s so, so hard to stop looking at other peoples crafts when I’m meant to be sewing and it never really helps me because there are so many amazing things out there that I usually feel worse about my own crafts anyway!
    Your exercise motto is perfect too, I might have to use that for myself too. It’s been three days into the new year already (and my supposed weightloss plan) and I’m yet to do any exercise…

    I wish you mountains of success in achieving your goals, and a happy and prosperous year xx

  5. I spend far too much time online ogling other people’s stuff too!!

    The weather has been really shoddy, and not particularly inviting for outdoorsy stuff. It is bound to improve tomorrow though, as I am back to work.

    Good luck with all of your goals!

  6. you know, i read everyone else’s goals and i think “i should adopt those for my life” – problem is, i’m now getting a very long list.
    however, that said, your goals do really apply to my life too – except that i don’t want/need to have a baby. but i do need to get fitter and i do need to spend a lot less money and i do need to spend more time crafting, and less time thinking that other people make better things than me. so thank you – i’m gonna take those resolutions and use them for myself.
    goodluck with the fitness – let me tell you, it is worth it.
    hope 2010 brings much joy and happiness.

  7. Gah, I am SO BAD at getting library fines. Or so good, rather. I went to the library three times in total in 2009, because I was waiting to pay off fees before I went back. Le sigh.

    Less time on the internet is one of my own goals. It fits under the broad ‘stop thinking, start doing’ category.

    Good luck with those winds!

  8. Can I borrow your list??

  9. I agree with all the other comments, what a GREAT list. I think I would like to steal it (apart from the wifey bit, already done that one, good luck for you). I made one official resolution (check it out on my blog) because that’s all I think I would realistically achieve but you list of goals would be possible. But I have a resolution list as long as my arm of possibles.

  10. Happy New Year and best of luck with all of your resolutions!

  11. you sound fed up!!!
    love ‘wasband’ am going to use it – thanks!
    Your goals are good, cut sugar and things with high sugar content out of your diet!
    You can do it, it is the year of the baby for you!!! Crap weather eh!! Even windy in Auckland!

  12. Those all sound like great goals. I wish you all the best for this new year!

  13. Those are wonderful goals and I wish you all the best with achieving them. I think I need to add some of them to my own list – especially the one about library fees!

  14. wonderful goals, particularly the reason! giving you a virtual back rub as some relaxation sounds in order! happy new year.

  15. Happy New Year ~ all the best with your resolutions!

  16. I am with you on the library fees 🙂 I am terrible about returning books in time 🙂

    Sounds like a busy year for you! I hope it will be a lovely & wonderful year filled with lots of happiness 🙂

  17. Nicky

    They are great goals !!!
    Nothing toooo hard to achieve. Very realistic :))
    Good on you.

  18. I just stumbled on your blog and read your resolutions. It’s like reading my own toughts exactly!
    so good luck to bouth of us on reaching (at least some of) our goals this year:)
    …..oh and I love your “crochet paper chain garland” makes me feel all inspired!


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