Not suitable for chubby girls

On Dave’s fortnightly payday I often stop in at two local thrift stores. These are B-grade stores on my complicated thrifting scale. B-Grade means mostly pricey, mostly rubbish but if you find a score at a B-Grade place (and you will eventually) then most likely it’s going to be a SCORE and well worth the rummaging through piles of junk.Today was one of those days where I SCORED.

Not suitable for chubby girls

I walked into the first one and realised I was standing next to about 8 small boxes stuffed with sewing patterns. Some of them were from the 50’s or maybe even older. Most of the patterns were from the 70’s and 80’s that should never ever be made into clothes – muu muu’s and such but here and there was a little gem. Vintages girls skirts or dresses, a soft toy transfer pattern, a cape pattern for an idea I have been considering and a very old baby layette pattern. I must have got over excited with my grabby hands though because I seem to have bought some hideous 80’s blouse pattern in amongst my treasures, oops! Anyway I don’t think it really matters when you consider that I only bought one of the other patterns because it had this written on it:

Not suitable for chubby girls

No way would you see that on a pattern these days!! They were a bit more blunt in 1967!!


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3 responses to “Not suitable for chubby girls

  1. Oh goodness! That made me laugh… no you would not see that today!!

  2. Great find…that line would not fly these days. Although, they do make clothes for young boys that are 6-trim, 6-reg, 6-husky. “Husky”…like chubby, but nicer 🙂

  3. bookwormbethie

    oh that is a find! i can’t believe those words on that package!!!!

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