Keeping a record

It’s pretty easy when you have a million shades of floss to find the exact right one for a particular shade of felt. But unless you like a system where you then leave that floss in a little bowl forever so you can find it again it can become a problem. When that bowl started to overflow I usually ended up putting the floss bobbins all back in the boxes and tried to remember which floss matched which felt. Or made a scribbled note on a scrap of paper which quickly became lost for good. Which is not good. I use a good half dozen felt colours regularly for toys, not to mention it’s always smart to keep a track of what colours you used for that amazing embroidery that you might want to repeat one day. And now I crochet…well yarn has batch numbers and dye lots which are quite important to keep track of. I can barely remember my 50,000 passwords for every account I use daily so rather than lose yet another scrap of very important paper it was time to start a craft notebook.

Keeping a record

I bought a tiny 70 cent spiral bound notebook and each page has a different project. Each crochet project has the size and brand of hook I used (size varies with each brand), the brand, colour and dye lot of each yarn plus a final tally of balls used overall. The felt page has a list of the DMC shades and a colour description of each felt they match. As I find my little scribbled embroidery projects notes I will add them too. It makes it so much easier, for example, if I want to make a rainbow to flick through until I find the notes on my rainbow caterpillar. Or the page with all the different shades of red for redwork or bluework. The more time I save planning a project, the faster I can just get down and do it. Which sounds good to me.

Oh and it may prove to be handy to keep a track of prices so you can find at a glance which is the cheapest place to buy that brand of floss/yarn/hook/needle next time. Saving money and time? That sounds great to me!



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5 responses to “Keeping a record

  1. Kim

    Hi there! Thank you for leaving nice comments about my wristwarmers on flickr and through that I have found your blog, which is great so I can follow along! nice to meet you!

  2. I’m terrible at keeping records and/or keeping my floss stash tidy and organised! Yesterday I bought 175 (!) skeins on Ebay (it was a bargain!) so there lies a challenge for me to smoothly integrate them in my messy stash. :0

  3. Pam

    Hello there! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I’m looking forward to poking around your blog this morning. Also looking forward to trying a grilled cheese w/vegemite sandwich! 😉

  4. Hi Steph — I can see how this is a great idea for keeping track of your projects (I love all of your little animals and toys). I keep a couple of notebooks — one to document my quilts (both finished and WIPs) and one with vintage fabrics, books, or other weird stuff I am looking for.

    Now I’m going to add a third book to keep track of the floss I’ve used on my embroidery projects — I wish you had thought of this earlier 🙂

  5. Thanks so much for leaving a comment in my blog. I can’t believe how well organised you are. I have started a notebook with passwords etc., I am forever forgetting them. But that’s a really good idea keeping a note of your projects too and the prices!. Gosh! that’s really good. The only organisation I have recently started is treating myself to a see through plastic box, to see my coloured yarn! I’ve enjoyed your blog very much, and I hope you’ll pop back sometime!

    Hugs and Love Sue.x

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