No place like home

Dorothy had it right, you can go far and wide but there really is no place like home. Sometimes I wish it was a little further away from my family but I’m pretty sure that home is only so homely because they are so close. I know that the reality of owning our own home is going to be far removed from my delusions but for now while things are so challenging I am indulging myself with a lot of house thoughts and plans. Nothing concrete, just making the days more interesting by thinking about curtains, lighting and a table runner design and creating comfortable little corners where I can create, dream, think or do nothing at all.

No place like home

These are some of my inspirations. Patchwork curtains in my studio? Oh yes! I didn’t know I needed them until I saw that photo! And a stump for a bedside table? Impractical as heck but so gorgeous! Maybe as a corner table by the sofa instead? With a pretty Zamm lamp on top. Oh yes. And I think painting a blackboard door in the kitchen is the very first thing I will do after we unpack. I’m obsessive about unpacking asap before I lose all motivation. When I get upset about the neighbours from hell or a sister who tries to kill herself at least once a week (it’s really been a long year) or my cats hissing at each other it’s just oh so very nice to slip off to dreamland and think about our very own house and making it into our very own home.


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6 responses to “No place like home

  1. There are some lovely homely photos amongst those.

    I have some tips for buying a home if you are interested – no long driveways either side of your house (the more dense the population, the more noise), HRV or DVS or at least a ceiling space to get it installed (mould sucks, make sure you check the curtains of houses you go to look at for mould), a kitchen and bathroom that don’t need replacing (because they are so costly), the heating should not be heat pumps because in really cold weather they stop and defrost themselves (leaving you cold for 10 minutes or more), don’t buy a house next to flats, reasonable carpet (because that’s another huge cost, My DH and BIL own a flooring shop and even getting flooring at cost runs into the thousands), no public areas in your street (such as parks and lookouts – they attract boyracers, concerts etc) and nowhere where the street gets into the Christmas lights thing (traffic chaos and louts). I know all these things from experience. LOL

    Hopefully keeping those things in mind will mean when you buy your house your dreams won’t be shattered by reality and you can just concentrate on the fun stuff like making cosy spots and decorating to your own taste.

    That is no good about your sister. I hope 2010 will be a much better year for her.

  2. HAve you seen the chalk markers in different colors? So fun I want a little chalk board!! Check Amazon, they have them!

  3. I have always wanted a chalkboard door. They are so cool!

  4. we have a chalkboard door in our front hallway and my husband just bought more paint for our kitchen door, the first door was such a hit!

  5. Suz

    Hi….Thanks for the comment on Erika night books looking forward to spending hours with the new book….love the house ideas and reading your post a new home owner soon to be!!….what fun you will have in 2010!
    Happy New Year may all your hopes and dreams for 2010 come true x

  6. Suz

    that is Erika Knight…ooops

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