Crafting from the stash

Before the last couple of fairs I got so annoyed with my mountain of useless fabrics I bagged up most of them to give to the thrift store. I just couldn’t find the good stuff. I have very very little really nice fabric and it had all sunk to the bottom and become lost. My stash is now about 1/3 smaller and still shrinking but at last I can see the really pretty fabrics, the ones that inspire me and actually make me want to use them. Not just tottering piles of white sheets for ‘something’. Anyway I stumbled on a little bit of canvas with a child’s print on it, enough for a bag.

Childs tote

Rebekah blogged a while ago about having a stash of craft books and never actually using them. Yeah, sounds familiar. So even though I love my copy of Bend The Rules Sewing and use it regularly it has got me thinking – 1) use books I don’t normally use and also 2) if I use a book regularly try using a different pattern from it for once. Woah, that’s pretty radical thinking there! Anyway I used a pattern I had never tried before and I liked it. I might even dust off one of the oh dozen or so books that I absolutely had-to-have-just-couldn’t-live-without-owning-it- but-have-never-once-used and make something from them. Woah, now that’s just crazy talk!


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4 responses to “Crafting from the stash

  1. That bag is adorable and that’s such a cute fabric…I should go stash diving to rediscover the things in the bottom of my stash shelf. πŸ™‚

    I’m still waiting to get inspired by my craft books (ravelry is winning right now with the knitting patterns).

    I just sold a bunch on Amazon and bought a few more to add to the collection…I should probably use the library instead of buying and selling books, shouldn’t I?

  2. bookwormbethie

    What a darling bag! And yes, I’ve been thinking I need to go through my stash too and donate some stuff.

    That bag is darling, is it for a gift or for a future craft fair?

    I only have a few craft/sewing books but a couple of years ago I probably sold a couple of dozen cookbooks that I had. I still have plenty left πŸ˜‰ but it’s easier now now to feel inspired to open up a cookbook and find a new recipe to try.

  3. That is a darling little bag — love that canvas fabric!

    I really enjoy looking through my quilting and embroidery books and they do provide inspiration. Although I know I have collected way more books and old fabric than I need, I just refuse to feel guilty about it.

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