Mr Conehead

Mr Conehead

You’d barf if you saw the stitched up wound and the drain in his chest. But you’d laugh yourself silly watching him trying to walk, eat and drink in this thing. Poor boy.  We’re taking action against the neighbours, their cats are unfed, untrained and aggressive. It’s cost us $880 in 7 months – half of that in the past 2 days – and Rastus is a shadow of his former porky self. The stress is just eating him up.

In a somewhat related matter kiwis and australians can now buy my felt dogs and other things here. I spent a few weeks thinking about whether I should give up crafting altogether or if I should take it further. Our finances decided that one for me in the end. Or rather Mr Conehead up there decided it for me!



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4 responses to “Mr Conehead

  1. cathy

    he’s giving you that look that says “Mom, You gotta help me out here or no more lovins.” I hope he starts to feel better soon.

  2. Jess K from PA

    I am a long time reader of your blog and admirer of your crafts. As such, I have been privy to your poor kitty’s trials and have to wonder one thing: why do you continue to let Rastus roam around outdoors? Now don’t get me wrong–I have no problem with cats running loose outdoors in certain instances–at a farm, for example. Barn cats serve a purpose, and it’s a trade off the farmer makes to keep his barn rodent-free. In your case, letting your cats run freely outside seems to just be irresponsible. It is doubly puzzling considering your financial troubles, which you freely share, and that makes caring for an injured cat such a burden.

  3. cats can get expensive, can’t they? I hope Rastus stays close to home from now on (and thanks for sparing me the gory photos of the wound!)

  4. Poor thing…he needs some kitty treats. Shame about the neighbours cats…good thing to report it, not only for your sake but for the cats that are obviously treated poorly…it’s cruel.

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