The fairs are now over. Whew. Craft 2.0 on Thursday night, not my best sales but lots of feedback, ideas and kids running up to my stall, grabbing a hobby horse and making clip clop noises. Be still my heart!

Knack stall

Knack was today, a new one for me and quite successful – considering this fair season was so bad for me. I made some money then spent most of it! I noticed a guy two stalls down selling the most incredibly priced pottery so I bought FIVE pieces. Three are for Christmas presents (and I never give presents so that’s how good I think his stuff was) if I can bring myself to give the bowls away.

Money comes in, money goes out

The colour and  detail on this bowl is just beautiful. I hope my mum likes it, she’s been really good to me this year.


The stall across from me was amazing:

The stall across from me

And I don’t have a Christmas tree and can’t have kids but I bought these:

bought at Knack

I am a sucker for cute things!! Declutter, smeclutter! It’s not often I have the money to enjoy myself like I did today, so I really just had fun and enjoyed my day. Isn’t that what it’s all about really? But I would like to mention that there was a woman selling gorgeous imported fabrics and I resisted the temptation. I think that earns me a few brownie points!!

I have two orders to fill before Christmas, both of which mean ordering supplies asap but until the supplies get here I will be relaxing with this past weeks mail. I am knackered!


And hunting for Rastus – missing for 29 hours so far. Bloody cats.


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5 responses to “knackered

  1. Looks like you have some good reading to sit down with while you are recuperating!

  2. That bowl is so gorgeous! I’m really liking soft teals, and olive greens right now. Reminds me of growing up in the 70’s; in a good way. I’m so glad about the hobby horses; I just knew that kids would dig em. I hope you find your kitty 😦 .

  3. bookwormbethie

    fingers crossed that you find rastus.

  4. ooh! That pottery is gorgeous!

  5. Hey, I know that girl in the funky glasses in the second photo, very cool and I don;t mean that it is me. Enjoy you reading. You have earnt it.

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