On my mind

Last fair tomorrow, the time for a little inward thinking, clearing out the clutter in my house, my brain and if I’m halfway organised my computer too. I’m feeling the need for reflection today too. Here’s to warmth, joy, colour, beautiful babies just born and yet to be born, candlelight, summer picnics, whimsy and for no particular reason…dogs in face masks. Because if they don’t count as whimsy then I don’t know what does! Happy weekend!

On my mind



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6 responses to “On my mind

  1. What an adorable collection of photos!

  2. love this photo collection (and the falling snow on your blog). Thanks for thinking of us in the northern hemisphere while you’re enjoying summer weather

  3. are these all photos you have taken or inspiration from around the internet. either way, a lovely collection of inspirational photos! you have a sweet blog!

  4. Oh, I love these! All of them are so great… Flickr can be so much fun!!

  5. gorgeous mosaic! Rachaelxo

  6. lovely mosaic, once again 🙂
    Love the snow!

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