Love bytes

Eek, it’s December!!! I feel like I wasted November, I want a do-over! My brain is a bit of a blank today so here’s some ‘love bytes’  for you.

– Is it okay to want these so bad when I have no children? I don’t think I’ll buy them…but then you never know what I’ll buy sometimes! I am a total sucker for wooden toys.

Two Guyz Spinning!!! Love it! And they use natural dyes 🙂

– The next craft fair is in TWO days! If you’re local come out to TheNewDowse and buy my stuff! Seriously, the stuff on sale is going to be amazing. The local craft talent makes me feel like a hack! And there’s wine and a band too 🙂

get your craft on


– My mail is going screwy. A book I ordered should be here and is not. A crochet hook I bought online is also not here and a swap parcel has not arrived. Le sigh. What did arrive is the first 4 back issues of Living Craft that I treated myself to. The postie left them jammed half out of my mailbox in frickin’ torrential rain so they got rather wet. Thanks NZPost.

– I’ll be sending off the buttons you all sent my way to the kids at Moriah School on Thursday, just in time before the school year finishes. There’s over 1,100 buttons! Here’s a great little slideshow from the kids about their button project.

– I think I need to destash and declutter before the new year. Moving house in a few months is a big inspiration. I’m not keen on moving my crap from one house to another!



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6 responses to “Love bytes

  1. As someone who is knee deep crap right now I wholeheartedly suggest getting rid of it right now. I am getting to the “throw it all on the front porch and let whoever wants it get it” point.

  2. I know how you feel. I’ve been “purging” my home of stuff now for about 2 years! (Will it never end?) Thanks for linking to the school pic’s; those kids really did some awe inspiring things with those buttons. 🙂

  3. I am with you!! I need another November just to get ready for December.

  4. Hey there from Alaska! I am LOVING your blog! Beautiful photos and inspiration!
    I’ve been discovering a lot of new (to me) blogs and it’s been wonderful to find so many like minded people!
    Feel free to drop by my blog as well. I’ve been enjoying posting more prolifically lately- Advent/holiday gift ideas, recipes, insights and tutorials.
    Off I go to peruse more of your blog-Happy holidays!

  5. bookwormbethie

    oh big bummer about your special magazine issues getting wet. do you think if you contacted the magazine peeps they could resend since they got damaged at the point of delivery?

    fingers crossed the rest of your goodies arrive soon, and hopefully on a sunny day!

    destash and declutter is a great idea, you could have a yard sale or just donate everything if you don’t feel like waking up early and organizing a yard sale.

  6. best start now, I started decluttering two years ago and while I have made progress it is still not going to be an easy move! Rachael xo

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