manic days

It’s just been absolutely manic here lately. I have to write 3 stories due by the end of the month (not going well so far) then the last 2 craft fairs on my list before I have a little time to relax.

dog rainbow

I had my 2nd craft fair of the season on Thursday and although it was as unsuccessful as I expected I did at least sell a couple of things and made enough to buy Simple Sewing which has been on my list forever. We’ve been desperately poor for the last 2 months so finally having money to buy things again feels wonderful.

On Sunday we drove over the hill to the Wairarapa. I had hoped to get a lot of work done on the crochet kitchen mat in the car but Dave takes corners like a lunatic and ‘slow down’ means nothing to him so I mostly stared into space and waited for my stomach to catch up with the car. It’s slowly coming along though and I love the colours. It’s also helping that it’s just rows and rows of the same stitch. Sometimes there is nothing better than 15 minutes of a mindless project while watching TV or even just a few stitches on the way from one manic project to another.

Kitchen mat progress

Now I have a week to write 3 3,000 stories with no inspiration, 10 days to sew as many soft toys as I can before the last two craft fairs – my beloved Craft 2.0 on Dec 3rd and a new fair for me – Knack on Dec 5th. Then I think it’s time for a week of doing very very little. If things get a little quiet around here you can find me under a pile of half finished felt toys.



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4 responses to “manic days

  1. bookwormbethie

    as often as i check in on your blog, i did not know you are a writer — very sorry if i missed a post about it. do you write for your local paper or a magazine? do you write about specific things?

  2. Oh my god. Those little guys are so very cute!

  3. i didn’t know you were a writer either?! cool! all the best with all your upcoming work. that crochet looks amazing to me.

  4. what cuties lined up! Rachaelxo

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