Forward thinking (and a winner)

Rebekah VERY generously sent me some cotton recently so I have started crocheting a bright, cheerful, ‘probably will clash horribly but what lovely colours’ stripey rug to stand on when I do the dishes in our very own house next year.


My guess is that sometime in early 2010 I will find myself in our very own house – trapped inside for a month with two cats who hate each other(and two litter trays, it makes me want to cry) and a lot of time on my hands. So in preparation I am taking this chance to arm myself with a list of projects and supplies. There will be walls to hang things on, floors to cover and vases to fill (note to self – buy vases). So I need to plan now what sort of flowers I want to grow, what sort of food to plant in our garden (our garden!!!)  and what crafts to make. If nothing else it makes me feel like things are moving forward while we sit and wait for settlement on Dave’s mothers house. Some projects, like the kitchen mat, will be ready long before we buy a house but some will be long term. This is going to be a bag and a lap blanket:


And just so there’s a chance of me actually being the user of that lap blanket (and the sofa) next winter when it is done I am going to embroider and sew 2 cat beds. My rough list of house projects to make will soon be a new page up the top of my blog and I am determined for once to stop making lists and actually make a few things. Cushions, a duvet cover, blankets, I’ll have no excuse to be bored for the next 6 months!

The winner of the giveaway is Martha, who has a beautiful blog with lots of free embroidery patterns and colouring book pages that would be just as cute embroidered. Definitely go take a peek! Martha, I will be a touch in a day or two!

Now I have 3 craft fairs in 17 days and the first of them is tomorrow night so please excuse the silence while I go panic about whether I have enough stock!



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6 responses to “Forward thinking (and a winner)

  1. I would also be making a big list of things to make for my new house — it’s very exciting!

    Good luck at the craft fair, and thank you so much for the wonderful Anchor book (and the nice comments about my blog). I still can’t believe I won — I never win anything!

  2. Looks like you’ll be busy for a while now. Enjoy your rainbow of ripple yarn!

  3. bookwormbethie

    new house in early 2010? did i miss something?! either way, a huge big congrats! i know you aren’t thrilled with your current living situation so i am happy to hear you will have you own house soon with your own 4 walls and your own yard for your kitties, and lots more “your own” stuff 😉 yay!

  4. I think those colors looks great together. I’d really love to learn how to crochet.

  5. great colours, lists are good! Rachaelxo

  6. Olivia

    Beautiful colors… What brand of yarn are they?

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