In hope of sun

Around Wellington the sun becomes little more than a distant memory during winter and early spring. It does one thing here and it does it well: it rains. It’s just the way it is here. But come late spring just before we completely go all “The Shining”  the sun starts to peek out. If you drove an hour north it’s probably been sunburn season for a month or more but here that little bit of sun is still a novelty. As someone who suffers depression that sunshine is like a big ol’ battery charger in the sky. I can feel myself getting happier, nicer to know and more productive. Lying in the sun for even 20 minutes reading or just being alive is truly my idea of heaven. But I find it hard to cover my eyes because of my glasses. They cost a fortune for regular ones so prescription sunglasses are unlikely. Covering my eyes with my arm makes me worry that my glasses will get broken plus you have to tilt your head just so. Hardly relaxing. So I decided to whip up this eye mask.

For sunny days

It took less than 10 minutes to make (admittedly not my best work but they are only for lying in my yard) and even then I dawdled – the longest part was choosing a fabric. I used batting from an old Avon cushion kit I never used but you could use an old thin towel or flannelette instead. Now all I have to do is wait for the next bit of sunlight…..



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9 responses to “In hope of sun

  1. It is lovely and your choice of fabric is perfect…. so pretty !!!
    Here it has been rainy/cloudy/windy for a few days already … I’m waiting for the sun to shine as well !!!

  2. glendasikes

    I get unhappy when the sun goes too long without making an appearance! I, too, wear glasses and know what you mean about prescription ones — I did that just once and about fell over from sticker shock — never again with the rx sunglasses (especially since my vision prescription changes nearly every year!).

    Great idea to use an eye mask :). I usually just squint . . . and have the crow’s feet to prove it ;-). (I think crow’s feet, like laugh lines, are gorgeous.)

  3. glendasikes

    “I, too, wear glasses and know what you mean about prescription ones” — DOH! I meant, I know what you mean about prescription SUNGLASSES.

  4. ooooh have some of ours. we are enduring an unseasonal heatwave (as if we don’t get enough of those when it’s summer). i’m sick of the sun, of the heat and i definately miss the rain.
    i love your mask – a clever idea – i know what you mean about the glasses – i’m waiting till january when my health insurance tells me i can get another pair of glasses cause like vampires, i just don’t do so well in the sun without dark glasses – lol

  5. I am very much like you when it comes to the sun. I need it! In winter, I change the light bulbs in my lamps with super bright daylight ones so I can extend my day a bit more.

    Have you seen the clip-ons from Polaroid ( I bought one that roughly fit into an existing pair of glasses. Was only $25 and I use it for driving. My Transition lenses doesn’t work in the car.

    But your eye mask is a cuter solution though! 🙂

  6. So very cute! I am also hoping for some sun 🙂

  7. bookwormbethie

    lovely eye mask, better than prescription sunglasses because i think the eye mask has more of a fancy rich/socialite lady feel to it 😉

    and i don’t think you’re the only one who craves the sun, we all do, we need that vitamin d from th sun to make us feel content and happy. although i do love me a gloomy dreary rainy day at times 😉

  8. Joyce

    Hi it is cold and looking like rain here in Auckland, I have glasses too and I got some real good clip on sun glasses at a market here they have a address in the case if you would like it. They only cost me $ 19.00 the address is Wellmars Optics po box Takapuna Auckland N.Z phone 0212331158

  9. Such a feminine and dainty fabric. It looks just perfect to me. I can sympathize with the lack of sun causing depression. I’ll pray you get some sunshine soon. 🙂

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