Free Christmas embroidery pattern

The newsreaders are currently frightening me with a countdown to Christmas and the first ads have started playing in high rotation on TV. $320+ for a tree and thats without decorations? Yeah right. Not even if I had that sort of money. Anyway here’s a freebie for anyone who has more free time to stitch than I do. I intend to ask Santa for a little more free time.

As usual click on the picture to go through to my flickr and get the big version.

Christmas is too damn close!!


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6 responses to “Free Christmas embroidery pattern

  1. terrifying isn’t it! desperately racking my brains on what to make everyone this year…… Rachael:)

  2. These are cute! I’ll see if my daughter might be interested in trying these.

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  4. oh boy $320 ?!! how tall was it ?!!!!
    I love the tree pattern ! thanks for sharing !

  5. bookwormbethie

    so kind of you to share, i’m in freak-out mode also as last year i started on my stitchy gifties in september and so far this year i haven’t started yet!!!!!

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