Holly Hobbie

I nearly squealed when I saw this bag at the thrift store today:

Holly Hobbie!!

I’ve been eyeing up a Holly Hobbie framed wall hanging for a while at the recycling centre but they are getting too pricey and lets face it: I’m not 10 anymore. This is an awesome excuse to have a little Holly in my life though. The bag is a little dirty and the embroidery probably won’t stand up to washing so I am going to try replicate the pattern (adds it to the floor length list of things to never get around to) but will use the bag as is cos you know….it’s Holly! I had Holly Hobbie’s Book of  Time (or something) as a kid and may even still have it. Did you know they’ve made her over though? Mmmhmm destroyed her is more like it. I get SO MAD when they take my childhood memories and RUIN them for the kids of today. Seriously, leave my childhood alone and come up with a new idea you lazy jerks. Hmmppff. Here is the abomination that is the new Holly Hobbie. As the title says: Back in my day we didn’t doubt Holly Hobbie’s virginity. Enough said.

Once the bah humbugs pass I will be back next week with a embroidery book giveaway and a Christmas embroidery pattern freebie to share. Oooohh free stuff! Enjoy your weekend!



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22 responses to “Holly Hobbie

  1. Is it a hand-stitched piece? I’d squeal too – gorgeous!

  2. I loved Holly Hobbie when I was a kid. My Holly Hobbie lunch box was my pride and joy!!

    You are right, though, the new one isn’t anything like the old one…they should have called her Sally Souped-Up or something!!

  3. Well, where have I been?? I had no idea they remade Holly Hobbie (I looked at your link). That’s awful! I had the bedspread, the doll, and I don’t know what all else. I do have an embroidery pattern, that’s really big if I remember right (too big to scan), want it?

  4. I love Hollie Hobbie!! That bag is wonderful! The new HH is awful.

    I still have a small HH doll from when I was little. Well loved, but still in one piece. I think my Mum also made me a HH applique bedspread. Will have to look through the photo albums…

  5. bookwormbethie

    i didn’t know they remade holly hobbie either. i also adored pippi longstocking as a child and i’d be soooo sad to know if they changed her image

  6. I actually think it will wash just fine. And now I want to know what happens when you wash it. Yes, I am wierd like that. LOL

  7. Oh you have to share the pattern I love it!! I have a HH Doll in my living room and bedroom and a statue from my hubbie before we were married!! I love Holly Hobbie!!

  8. The original is always the best. I don’t like the fact that she now has a face, especially one that does not fit with the era she was from – YUK!!!

  9. I do not like the new Holly Hobbie, Fisher Price little people or Polly Pockets!!

  10. glendasikes

    What a great embroidery!! That’d be a nice bag for toting around WIPs.

    I was never into Holly Hobbie, so that perhaps affects my thinking (I’m not comparing “then” to “now”), but I clicked over to the picture of the new Holly Hobbie and thought she was cute!! She actually reminds me of how we dressed in the 70’s when we were tweens (and still very much virgins, I might add!). I can see how people who are diehard fans of the original Holly Hobbie might not be thrilled with the updated version . . . but then again I can also understand the makers wanting to bring in new generations of fans.

  11. I recently op-shopped a mint-condition Holly Hobbie thermos of the kind I used to take vegetable soup to school in as a very 1970s kid.

    It is sitting in my ‘present box’ awaiting a fellow HH enthusiast – but it is a thermos, which I guess is slightly weird – anyway – send me an email if you would like it…I’d be happy to send it to you. I only bought it out of a weird rush of nostalgia…

  12. I would have squealed too! That is an awesome find and it looks like it’s in great condition

  13. I love Holly Hobbie! And ack, yeah, they ruined her. My mom passed away last May and when we had to go through al of her linens I found a pricless handmade quilt with Holly Hobby all over it. It is so sad because it is falling apart. I wish I was a quilter so I could save it. I might have to find out what I can do…

  14. adorable bag !
    I don’t like the new version… but maybe that just means I’m an old lady !!!

  15. That is an adorable embroidery! What a lucky find!

  16. Great find !!! It is lovely !!!
    When growing up my mom got a matching set of yellow bedspreads with a large Holly in the center of it for my younger sister and I.

  17. Eek! I love the bag too! I am so in love with hand embroidered pieces and to pair this will Holly Hobby! *sigh* My mom painted a picture of me as Holly Hobby when I was just a little girl, I should post a photo someday : ) I can’t believe the “new” HH yikes… And to look at the gorgeous HH next to the new one why couldn’t they bring that same image back?

  18. Did I say “Hobby” I mean Hobbie… hehe

  19. Debbie

    Hi, I just wanted you to know I have the same embordery pattern and same colors on a quilt, I still love Holly Hobby. Even my china is HH.

  20. Judy Howell

    The embroidery pattern is Simplicity 6005. I tried scanning it, but it’s hard to get the contrast. You can probably get the pattern on Ebay.

  21. Judy Howell

    Hi again,
    I tried hot iron transferring my pattern, 6005, for the first time and it is too old. I’ve had it since the ’70’s and it did not transfer the pattern at all. I did scan and clean up the pattern if you are interested. I do have the instructions too.

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