fairly good

Well wordpress ate my blog for the second timein as many days. The fair was today and it was a lot of fun. I was across from alison of agnes coy and her stuff is always extremely tempting – and her husband is gorgeous. Oh my he is yum – please don’t tell him I said that Alison!!
My stall
I swapped for this doll from stitchpixie:
a swap

I splurged on the worlds yummiest cupcakes and this handdyed sock yarn from needlefood beecause I am easily swayed by pretty colours – thank goodness I set a 2 skein limit!

Needlefood yarn mmm

I tried to blog last week but wordpress ate it. I have had a physical breakdown of some sort similar to a stroke so my typing is shit, I am slurring like a drunk and am very frustrated. I saw the infertility doctor the day it happened and he was not concerned and it seems to just be a physical reaction to the stress so I just need to cancel all commitments I can and relax – if it doesn’t clear up by Tuesday will do to the doctor though! Oh and specialist said I don’t ovulate – so the problem isnt just Dave like we thought. It’s me too which means a double hurdle. Am giving it a year to try fertility treatments (we only get too funded tries which is not much really) then back to adoption . Only so much heartache I can handle.

By the way (typing dependent) I will be listing the soft toys over the next few days in my shop if you want any. Hobby horses are available for locals betweeen here and masterton. I have all of them left 😦



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9 responses to “fairly good

  1. Your stand looks great. Those elephants, dogs etc really are gorgeous!

    It only took my sister one attempt at IVF to conceive her gorgeous little daughter. It surprised us all… so my fingers are crossed for you!

    That sounds really scary to have a stress-induced stroke kinda thing. I hope you can take it easy over the long weekend and relax… a lot!

  2. What an awesome job on displaying your wares! I’ll be praying for you on the other and I hope you feel better soon.

  3. bookwormbethie

    oh steph, i am so sorry to hear you are not well. it is scary what stress can do to our bodies. please do take care of yourself!

  4. wow – there is so much going on with you at the moment – no wonder you are stressed. take time out, look after yourself. i have my fingers crossed that babies come your way.

  5. Your stall looked lovely ~ well done and good shopping control. Now you know why we don’t see Mr Agnes Coy on Alison’s blog too often ~ in case we all get jealous, he’s quite the sweetie.

  6. Well, that makes two of us then – I also think that he’s rather gorgeous! You succeeded in making him blush this morning!

    It was so lovely having your stall opposite – so much wonderful colour and first class work.

    There’s a really great Twinings tea called Camomile and Spiced Apple – it always manages to slow me down. The smell of it makes me think of Christmas in the UK for some reason. Stress can do really odd things to your body as I found out when I moved from the UK to here so I understand that as well. A visit to the doctors for a chat sounds like a smashing idea Steph.

    I’ll stop rambling now and will let you get on with your day!

    Cheerio for now, Alison

  7. your show stall looks so adorable!

    I hope that you are feeling better and back to normal…that’s crazy what stress can do to your body!

  8. oh dear sounds like you’re having a bit of a rough time – and now you have a sore knee to add to it.
    I hope you have a lovely, sunny, peaceful and smiley weekend

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