Kids just want to have fun

Gah. I was hoping to blog about the thing I have been making over the last few days but as usual the idea that started out as fairly quick and easy is getting more complicated by the hour. I can’t let it be ‘finished’ until I’ve added a million and one little details. So here’s a few bits of randomness and a touch of cute until next week:

– I had my infertility ultrasound today. They do it ‘internally’ now you know. An eye opener but not at all as bad as I was fearing and I guess it’s not every day you get to see your womb and ovaries. I go to the specialist for the ultrasound and blood test results next week but the radiographer said that it all looks fine. Whew.

– Remember Harry the local cat that I blogged about? He’s been missing for a couple of weeks. 😦 The very next day after I blogged about him he was in a community newspaper and then poof, he vanished. Hmmm. I only hope he is okay wherever he is.

– If it doesn’t stop raining soon I am going to go bonkers. I am so over spring showers. And 12 straight hours of torrential rain. And cats being obsessed with being out in it. Hmmppff.



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8 responses to “Kids just want to have fun

  1. Poor Harry. I hope he has found a new home and is warm and safe.

    My little one likes to wear his spiderman mask at all times. It makes eating a little bit difficult….

  2. Forgot!!!! Glad your internal bits are looking ok!

  3. Wise words, I shall wear my shiny crocodile costume in public more often! 😉
    Glad you had an o.k. ultrasound!

  4. Glad your scan went alright ~ it doesn’t sound very pleasant…….so I will give you a big hug! x

  5. bookwormbethie

    hope harry turns up too and hope your test results come back a-okay.

    cute little kid. i’ve always strongly believed that adults would be way more happier if adult clothing was more silly like kid’s clothing is. i’m petite so i actually can fit into girl’s XL tops and i totally admit that my favorite t-shirt is a silly top from the kid’s section!

  6. Sorry about Harry. Hope he’s just found a place he liked more. My little girl used to love to go out in her “princess” clothes; glittery crown and feathered boa. Sometimes she’d mix it up and wear her witch outfit. I never cared as long as she was dressed and clean :). Had one of those ultra sounds before – so not fun. Big hug.

  7. That’s great that everything looks o.k. after your ultrasound, and that things are moving along on that front. That’s an adorable little boy in the costume.

  8. fingers and toes crossed for you! The wee boy is precious and I whole heartedly agree with you, we should wear costumes out also! Rachaelxo

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