How to save a Very Bad Day

Buy stuff of course! It was a really bad day yesterday, one annoying thing after another. Just one of those days. But I often find that it’s on those days that Very Good Things tend to happen. So let’s focus on those shall we?

I found the dining table of my thrift store dreams. My conditions for my dream table were $50 max, real wood and no wobbles but I never thought we’d find one and find it on a day we had spare money. I found it on payday for $40 and when I sand it down and oil it I think it will look amazing. We pick it up tomorrow and then the fun part begins – trying to fit it in a too small house!

There was also some hobby horse hair buying along with felt, floss and thread:
Hobby horse hair

Some ‘just because it’s soft’ buying. They are hopefully destined to become a felted crochet bowl or two when I master the perfect bowl shape.:

And some lovely mail, my giveaway prize from Kara at roses are blue:
My prize

You know, now I’m here looking back on only the good things of a very bad day I see that I was a wee bit wrong. There were some very annoying things for sure – like being about to go to the bank and being told I couldn’t because some *&*^&%% had just robbed it (so glad I was running late) but really, it was actually a Pretty Good Day.



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4 responses to “How to save a Very Bad Day

  1. Oh, what gorgeous, yummy yarns! So many things you can do with them….have fun.

  2. Yarn—yum. Please excuse the drool. Yikes! on just missing the thing at the bank. I’d say that was good luck. Have fun with that yummy yarn. I’m almost positive CrochetToday! (.com?) has a free pattern for a hat that includes a really good diagram I’ve used to teach on crocheting in the round. If I have it stored somewhere I’ll try to e-mail it if you’d like. Only if you think it’d be helpful to you though. 🙂

    • It’s always good to focus on the positive, and new yarn ALWAYS counts as a positive! Have fun with it – I’m looking forward to seeing those felted bowls (not to mention the new table – exciting!).

  3. bookwormbethie

    thank goodness you were late to the bank, just think if you were there when the terrible robby occurred, that would have been a very bad day indeed.

    hope things are better by now!

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