Over ambitious

I have 3 craft fairs within 6 weeks starting October 24th. Oh my gosh. I’ve done lost my mind y’all. The last fair I did took me 3 full months of mostly hand stitching to get ready for. Oh and the biggest most likely to sell out fair is the first of the three. For full panic potential. And in between the fairs I have 3 infertility appointments and a trip to the annual Waldorf school fair. I guess one bonus is at least I’ll have more than $6 on hand at the Waldorf fair this year! Mmmmm wooden toys, I never need a reason to buy them! But oh my goodness, if I haven’t lost my mind yet I surely will before the rush is all over!

My mind is so full of product ideas and things to buy and ways to make my stall stand out (I am digging this stall, it’s all about the golden rule – think upwards) and worries too – worries that I will sell everything at the first fair and not be able to make enough stuff for the next two fairs. Worried that I’ll sell nothing. Worried I’ll forget something – price tags, scissors, part of my fancy stand, my hobby horses, my float money (again). So many ways to screw up. The 3am bedtime becomes more common the closer a fair gets and thank goodness for DVDs so I can watch and stitch.

Crochet flowers

Of course it always works out in the end. On the day I have fun arranging my stall just right, selling direct to customers, meeting other bloggers, getting more praise than I know what to do with and hanging with a whole building full of creative people. There’s never such a thing as a bad fair. And Dave gets dragged along to keep me company and we play “is that a man or a woman?” and he points out people he knows – customers, old workmates (golden shower Graham ahem). People giving me money for my creations is really just a bonus. And there’s so many babies, I am always in heaven at a fair!

This mad crazy rush has made me a bad blog commenter and email writer so to those who have sent buttons for the Moriah School Holocaust Memorial thank you all so much. The tally is over 1,000 so far! If you haven’t sent any but are going to please send them by the end of the week so I can get them to the kids by the end of the month. And to Jannelle who sent the wonderful vintage ‘soft embroidery‘ threads on the left (which are perfect for little pink crochet flowers) and Melissa who is blogless but very generously sent me a trillion buttons for the kids and the pile of floss with a very cool ‘Floss’Away’ bag system thing on the right of the photo for me thank you both so much! I feel like a kid in a candy store with floss to play with!

Gifties from people



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8 responses to “Over ambitious

  1. glendasikes

    “and we play ‘is that a man or a woman?'” — oh my gosh, that COMPLETELY cracked me up!!!

    Good luck getting ready for your fairs :). It’s fun listening to you get excited for them!

  2. oh gosh I am so bad at sending. I will get the buttons in the mail tomorrow fastpost!! good luck for your fairs!

  3. I hear you! I’m a crocheting fool lately. I have a fair in two months that I have NO inventory for. I have all the same worries as you, too! At least when I’m up late stitching I know someone else is out there too! Haha!

  4. bookwormbethie

    you sound so giddy in your post, i can tell you are super excited. just like mommies-to-be have their hospital bag packed weeks ahead of time, you need to go ahead and pack your craft bag with your scissors, tape, stickers, pencils, business cards, etc…. now so you won’t forget anything at all, unless of course you forget to bring the bag with you!

  5. Wow, have fun! I hope you do really well at the craft fairs, and I am sure you will find lots of goodies at the waldorf fair. I wish there was one by me!!

  6. So pleased the buttons will be going to a good cause and that you have use for the thread. xx

  7. you will be fine, just have a good check list, takes away the anxiety!!! Rachaelxo

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