The fatty and the twig

Thank you all for your kind words about Poppy. I cannot wait until I have a shelf in our very own house where she can sit and wait for a baby to love her. My dietician appointment went well but really…if you want to be a dietician, if it’s your lifelong ambition then be a dietician but when you give me weight loss advice how am I supposed to take it seriously when you are a 12 year old twig?? She was a gangly twig of a girl which is NOT helpful. I don’t need to feel old as well as fat! And also not helpful? Her necklace. It looked like a string of Maltesers – for those who don’t know what they are Maltesers are yummy chocolate balls!! I didn’t have time for breakfast so I half wanted to eat her necklace and half wanted to sit on her and crush her into dust for being so naturally skinny and telling me how to be less fat. But she gave me some good advice which will give me a place to start as I change my eating habits and I resisted the temptation to buy a bag of Maltesers on the way home which is a very good sign!

Recent favourites

1. 02-29-08-006, 2. Wool Roving from Solvang, Ca, 3. Fabric Crush, 4. 152/365 – Best Buddies, 5. spinning a rainbow, 6. hey psst!, 7. 085, 8. Yarn!, 9. Cookie Monster Cupcake 1, 10. hex-ufo4, 11. the love of flowers, 12. Travel Log : Day 2 – West Virginia, 13. Santa Lucia Dolls Under The Tree, 14. Enchantment of the Pixies patchwork Dress, 15. favorite colors…, 16. HASE


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8 responses to “The fatty and the twig

  1. Glad to hear your appointment went well. LOL about her necklace looking like Maltesers! πŸ™‚

    Love the mosaic, so many gorgeous things and gorgeous colours.

  2. Too hilarious! And I completely agree that dieticians should look the part. Glad to hear it went well and I know you’ll get to your goal. Thanks for the mosaic of inspiration! I’m off to paw through my stash to see if I can get a project started.

  3. Carole

    That was sooo funny. At least you can see the funny side of your appt! Where do you get Maltesers in NZ? My sister in Aukland can only get them from the British Shop somewhere. I have to send her some from time to time.
    Anywhoooo i love your photos and the colours of the yarns.
    Love Carole xxxxx (from Lancashire)

  4. I’m laughing right now…that was so funny. πŸ™‚ Now, I’m craving some chocolate for myself. I’ve never tried Maltesers, they sort of sound like something we have here in the U.S. called Whoppers.

  5. That’s too funny about your dietitian’s necklace!

    Yay for you for finding her office though.

    Would you want to get weight loss advice from an overweight dietitian, though?

  6. Beautiful selections! Thank you for picking my wool picture. I love the cupcake!

  7. Great post!!! Rachaelxo

  8. p.s. glad you controlled all those urges – lol

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