Welcome to any new readers who found their way here from Attic24, I haven’t had so many views in a long time! I hope you’ll stay a while.

I had a pre-craft fair meltdown this weekend, the usual jitters where I convince myself that nobody will want to buy my stuff, I’m a talentless hack etc. Lots of listless lolling around and dramatic sighing. I had a total lack of ideas all of a sudden and eventually decided rather than lying there sighing and being generally a pain in the butt I would make something for myself. I picked something off my very long list of bookmarked tutorials and after a lot of swearing and some more dramatic sighing due to bad fabric choices (I had to make 7 appendages because they kept ripping) here she is:

Poppy the Black Apple doll

Her name is Poppy and her legs are slightly different lengths, her arms are different heights and the closing seam on her head looks like a first year medical student had at her but she’s all mine and I love her. She really was a lot of fun to make  and when we buy a house she’ll go on my sewing room shelves and eventually the sewing room will become a nursery so really she’s for our future child. I have an appointment tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn with a dietician for fertility weight loss. Someone rang last night to remind me of the appointment which was nice considering I had never been told I had one! On Monday I rang a number to confirm I wanted an appointment and was told there was a waiting list and an appointment would be made for me. The man who rang to remind me of this appointment I didn’t know I had couldn’t tell me who it is with and wasn’t sure where in the hospital (one I have not been to since I was 9) it is so tomorrow morning sounds like it will be fun. Then I have to get a bus, train and another bus home. In the rain. I have a motto “It’s all for a baby” which gets me through things like this and makes it easier to forgo chocolate cake but sometimes it’s said through gritted teeth!


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15 responses to “Poppy

  1. I have been looking at your pictures of things you make and they are so cute. Good luck tomorrow as you go to your appt.

  2. Your doll is gorgeous, and would be perfect for your nursery!

    Good luck with your appointment. Here’s hoping the hassle will all be worth it in the end.

  3. Hello GOOD LUCK with the fertility treatment and weight loss! I’ve been there and eventually achieved my lovely family so keep thinking that it WILL happen and it will. Love your doll too, what fun. Best wishes from Susan

  4. I think Poppy looks cute (it’s from the Black Apple tutorial right?)! Good Luck tomorrow 🙂 Only just sent you the buttons I promised, it’s a miserable bunch of buttons (only a few cute ones) due to no button stash and I hope I’m not too late otherwise you may have to keep them!

    • lovestitches

      Yes it’s the Black Apple tutorial, such a great tutorial for doll sewing. Thanks for sending the buttons, I meant to blog this week and ask people to make sure they send them in by the end of next week. The school year is ending soon so I better get on to it. The school have 750,000 buttons already!

  5. I put this up on your Flickr, but will repeat it hear as well!
    She is adorable and looks like she gives GREAT hugs! Which is a number 1 priority in any doll.
    Also, will be offering up a prayer for you, your appointment, and your future baby!!!

  6. bookwormbethie

    Oh Steph your doll is beautiful! And I’m sure like most other people, I did not notice any of the “not perfect” parts until you pointed them out to us. But any child would love that doll!

    Best of luck with your craft fair, you are very talented so I know you will rock it and sell lots of goodies! Best of luck on your appointment tomorrow!

  7. She is lovely ~ such a peaceful look on her face. xx

  8. She is adorable! Sometimes it helps just to make something for yourself 🙂 Hope your appointment goes (went) okay!

  9. Adorable doll…even though the stitched up scar looks like a medical student mistake.

    Good luck with your appointment and I hope everything goes well

  10. Carole

    Hi Steph,
    I have stumbled across your blog thro Attic 24. I just love love Poppy she is soooooo sweet.
    My sister lives a little north of you in Aukland!!
    Your blog is lovely.
    Love Carole from Rossendale, Lancashire, UK xxxxxx

  11. Poppy is just lovely! I hope your appointment-you-didn’t-know-you-had goes really well.

  12. She is so cute! I love the colors you used and the swing in her bangs is adorable.

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