Officially the worst title ever. These are (I hope) not the worst hobby horses ever made though. I so want to see some little kids running around on them making horse sound effects. That would be a whole pile of cute. As usual I’m sitting here worrying that they aren’t cute enough or whatever but I think that once I am at the craft fair setting up my stall I’ll be jiggling up and down waiting for some little kids to walk past and go “Mummy, look! I want one!!”

Hobby horses



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6 responses to “Neigh-bours

  1. Um, officially the BEST title ever. They look so surprised! And a little suspicious in a “what were they up to before I came into the room” sort of way.

  2. So totally cute! You’ll definitely get some kiddoes begging for one. Goofy me–I kinda liked the pun, too. 🙂

  3. Hiya Steph
    Juts wanted to let you know that I wrote a post on my blog today about the Attic24 Inspired Flickr group….have you seen it today, there are masses of beautiful photos arriving…it’s just FAB!!!!!!
    I can’t thank you enough….oh and hope the icon-choosing goes OK.
    Thanks again
    Love and hugs

    • lovestitches

      That explains the kajillion more members today! And oh my gosh the photos in that blog post! Thank you for the group mention, I’m so glad you like the group. I was worried you’d think it bosy of me to start one but I so wanted a place for all the photos I was seeing of your tutorial projects. Your tutorials are AMAZING btw, so detailed even I can do it! Thank you for sharing your skills with us!! Steph xxxx

  4. Here you are….

    Thanks sooooooooooo much for taking the lead on starting the Flickr group in Lucy’s honor… As far as, I’m concerned it’s our turn to “PAY IT FORWARD” back to her. She has brightened up sooooooo many of our lives.

    Your the best. Kudos…

    The Garden Bell – Kate

    I’m the other one she mention in her blog today. Hope you don’t mind if I follow along in your journey in life as well.

  5. oooh, pretty! If only I were smaller…

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