Better than Christmas

When we’re up to our eyeballs in stressful house things and this rental property is driving me loopy and it’s raining and etc etc etc it’s things like this that really help me get through.Yay for the little things!


I got the basket and the 8 bias tapes in it for $15- all I had on me. The basket was originally $20 but it had been there a while so they dropped the price to $12 as thats all I could spare. The floss in the basket? There was a street fair on and a lady was selling bundles of 20 DMC skeins for $3. I got 3 bundles for $8.50 – again all I had on me. A skein of DMC costs $1.60+ here so I got $96 of floss for $8.50! Does anyone know what happened to DMC 67, 91 and 93? They are all variegated blues and they aren’t on my checklist. Are they so old they got cancelled?

Embroidery and crochet cottons

These crochet and embroidery cottons were from Dave’s mothers stuff that he bought home for me. They are beautiful but theres one problem. She was a very heavy smoker indoors so they stink. I have to put them in a bag of kitty litter to try draw out the smell. Hopefully the smell will fade because they are beautiful.

Dave's old train set

And this is my favourite. Dave’s childhood train set – or part of it. I wish he had found more, it’s adorable.

Lovely mail

And still more: I received this from Lisa of Little Acorn today. I sent her a wool felt rattle ball for the little person she and her husband are adopting and she sent me the baby vest for our future baby. She also surprised me with the sweetest bib ever. Check out how perfectly straight that ric rac is! Thank you Lisa!



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8 responses to “Better than Christmas

  1. I am pretty sure DMC 67 was cancelled, although I am not sure about the other numbers.

    You were lucky to get all those DMCs for so cheap. I bought some the other day in Wellington and they were $1.80 each! I have quite a wide range of DMC, but when I am getting the threads together for a project there is always at least one that I need to go and buy. lol

    Gorgeous baby stuff. It’s a pity babies don’t come when you want them! Hopefully one will turn up for you soon. My little niece who is 5 months old is an IVF baby, my sister and BIL waited seven years for her!

  2. What lovely things! I love the little vest ~ how sweet. Your thread and buttons are on their way ~ sorry about the delay. xx

  3. To get smoke or cigarette smell out of thread, fabric, pillows, fabric, etc put it outside over night and let the dew land on it. Then let the sun dry the item in the fresh air. If you need too, put out a second night for the other side. Works every time. Also gets out musty smells.

  4. eva

    OMG what a cute set – the vest and bib! Your baby will be so spoiled!!!! 🙂

  5. Lucky you! That baby set is adorable. For getting the stink out of things place the item in a plastic bag with crumpled newspapers and close tight. I try to forget about them for a week or two. It might also take an additional changing out of newspaper and another two weeks. Works everytime!

  6. PS- I almost forgot my favorite all natural stink buster! Borax – you let the item soak(washables only of course)in the washing machine with a 1/2 to 1 cup Borax dissolved in the wash water overnight; then run them through in the morning. Hope this helps 🙂

  7. 1.60???? Dont I pay like 30 cents each or something? I find them at the recycling center for free a lot too. Perhaps I should start picking those up and sending them your way. Oy.

  8. Great scores, nice to have stuff from Dave’s mum even if stinky and love the baby stuff – hope you are still nice and positive – hard as it is! Rachaelxo

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