A little bit of happy

The new issue of Living Crafts magazine is out. You should all know how much I love that magazine by now. If I have not convinced you to read it by now you should at the very least flick through a copy at the store and preferably buy a subscription for me copy for yourself. It’s a wonderful magazine with thoughtful prjects, a natural focus and I even enjoy most of the ads! It’s a rare magazine that has ads worth looking at! As usual I have a request: if anyone in the US wants to swap with me for the latest issue of Living Crafts (Fall 09) I have a skein of this 100% merino yarn to swap for:

rainbow merino



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3 responses to “A little bit of happy

  1. Wish I had the mag, I’d send it to ya for that nice skein. Wishing u a cool Monday. Here it’s going to be like 113! UGH. I hate Arizona! lol.

  2. bookwormbethie

    oh i wish i knew how to knit, i need a knitted gnome hat!

    i frequent borders bookstore so that’s probably why i haven’t seen it. and although joann’s is listed as a carrier of this magazine, i don’t know if i’ve seen it there before either, but i will look next time i’m there……

    and oh how can you part with that beautiful yarn? do you have an extra skein for keepsies?

  3. samantha hall

    Did you get a copy yet? I don’t mind sending one your way… just email me.

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