One dog, two dogs

Pink dog, blue dog. Well, Dr Seuss I am not. But a good hand sewer I am. Not too many years ago hand sewing meant boredom to me. Now I get it, I understand. Peace, repetition, meditation, the pleasure of trying to line my stitches up evenly one after the other. I get it. My soft toy menagerie is slowly expanding and these two are the newest members. They will be joined some time next week by a pair of siblings when my new wool felt order arrives…but it always seems like craft supplies take twice as long as bills to arrive.

One dog two dog

And thanks to those who are sending buttons! I came up with 265 out of my own buttons jar and I didn’t even know I had that many and I am told 55 are already on their way from the UK so thank you all so much! I hope to hit 1000.



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2 responses to “One dog, two dogs

  1. I love these little animals. They are so sweet. Hand sewing is something I don’t do well but would love to. I have got to catch up on reading your posts to find out about those buttons.

  2. Such perfect little stitches…..very cute. x

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