One child, one button

I have a request to make of all you good hearted crafters. Moriah School, a tiny little Jewish school of 28 students here in Wellington, New Zealand is collecting one button for every child who died in the Holocaust – this means they need 1.5 million buttons! They’re doing very well, they currently have 621,743 buttons! It made me think of my button jar which is barely ever used and I thought how many of us crafters have buttons we don’t use? Odd buttons that end up in the jar as if by magic, funny shaped ones that we don’t know what to do with etc. So I would like to ask all crafters out there to help this little school collect 1.5 million buttons. If you would like to please leave a comment making sure you enter a valid email address and I will reply to you with my postal address. At the end of September I will count them all up and pass them on to the school for their collection. Even a few buttons in an envelope will really help this great cause. They will be used to build a memorial to the children who died in the Holocaust. I hope you guys will dig deep and help a very worthy project. (And spread the word!)



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14 responses to “One child, one button

  1. sure I will pop some buttons in the post, mail me!

  2. Count me in…I’ve got some that I know I won’t use.

  3. Me too, what a thoughtful, interesting project x

  4. Sure I can find plenty to pass on….x

  5. I’m sure I can find some to add to the collection, count me in.

  6. Love it! Please count me in. I’m happy to send what I can.

  7. eva

    thank you for letting us know of this great project. I ‘ll put some buttons into your little package 🙂

  8. What an awesome project. I’m going to rush off and tell my friends. Cheers.

  9. I’ve just recently found your blog and would love to help out, I have a whole lot of buttons I will never use, so count me in. 🙂

  10. Thank you for posting this… I’m sending buttons from Oregon. We lost everyone except one very heroic aunt who were still in Hungary during that time.

  11. What a neat-o idea! And that this being undertaken by kids for a tribute to other children is touching. Count me in please. Just wondering how long it’ll take for you to get mine-I’m in the middle of the US. 🙂

  12. Are you still collecting buttons?

  13. I will send some buttons your way.
    eileen, Florida, USA

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