Learning to calm myself: we are negotiating the very complicated path through sorting out Dave’s mothers will and the trust she put her house in. Do not put your house in trust, it will drive your children bonkers trying to sort out the legal mess. Emails from Dave and his sisters flying all around New Zealand, multiple lawyers involved and legal documents. Ugh. But at the end of it? We just might have enough to buy our very own house! It’s a dream I always treasured in my heart but never ever thought it would become a reality. Our very own house with a cat door and a garage and no crazy lady downstairs who I can hear snoring every night. Oh yes please!!

Learning the reason why I am so sick: mould. I want to vomit, I am so grossed out. I have had a sore throat for about 4 or 5 months. The doctor couldn’t help me and I was at my wits end until today when I realised that our curtains are rank with mould, on the inside where we can’t see it. Another damp rental property. Yukyukyuk. Now begins the quest to have the landlord replace the curtains.

Learning what a mission it is to have a baby when you can’t: my appointment was on Monday. I have lost 3.4kg/7lb in 2 weeks!! My head is spinning from all the ‘stuff’ though. Blood tests on day 21 and day 3 of my cycle, a ‘internal’ (you know where) ultrasound, seeing a dietician, Dave has to see a urologist and then back to the specialist in September. All that money I once spent on birth control and now here I am visiting doctors trying to get pregnant.

Learning crochet: I’m now stitching my way through a stripy scarf which thanks to my very tight tension has a case of the curls. But I think we’ll call that a design feature. I’m just glad to be stitching with a nice mossy green because after all my little sample swatches I am sick of the sight of purple:

First attempts

Hows this for a scarf next? Ignore the fact that Spring is 3 weeks away….

rainbow merino



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3 responses to “Learning

  1. gorgeous colours! you still need a scarf in spring, there can still be a chill in the mornings. 🙂
    good luck with the landlord – i know that problem well, and owning my own is a dream too! i hope yours becomes a reality soon. 🙂

  2. Keep strong….and look after each other. xx

  3. That yarn looks like it will make a beautiful scarf. How exciting that you can now start thinking about your own house.
    That’s great that you figured out what was making you sick, at least now something can be done about it.
    Way to go on the weight loss!

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