Rastus gets his stitches out tomorrow evening, the vet bill is paid off, the power and phone too. I had my fertility appointment at the hospital today which was a lot to take in (update next time). Dave’s mothers will has caused untold dramas for us and my brother heads off to Rarotonga for a week on the 17th leaving me to be incredibly jealous. I think my need for comfort and colour is showing in my recent flickr favourites:

Recent favourites



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5 responses to “Favourites

  1. You have had alot on your plate the last few weeks. It’s good to see that you have found a way to keep positive.

  2. gorgeous photos!

    I got your lovely quilt in the mail last week! It’s gorgeous and now it’s waiting to be hung on the wall in my craft room. You’ve just encouraged my hexagon obsession!

  3. In the middle of massive will drama over here right now too. (And have been for a month.) So.ready.for.it.to.be.over.

  4. Life a little crazy lately? 😉 Hang in there. I love your Flickr favorites.

  5. bookwormbethie

    I hope your much anticipated fertility appointment went very well.

    P.S. Congrats on losing 7 pounds!!! I hope you’ll continue to decrease your soda intake, think of all the sugar you won’t be putting into your body 😉

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