Eco bottle cosy

A truly exciting title. Some spell it cosy, some spell it cozy. Either way I bought an ecotanka water bottle several weeks ago and it definitely needed one. The instant I filled it with water it became seriously cold! There was no way I could walk around holding it without risking frostbite so a cosy was in order.

eco bottle cosy

As luck would have it the very day after I decided it needed a cosy I found my very first wool item at the thrift store, prefelted (possibly the reason it ended up there!). The bottle fit perfectly in a sleeve, I unpicked a pocket for the bottom and handsewed it on in about 5 minutes and voila, a cheap, warm bottle cosy to save my fingers. Hopefully in summer it will help keep the water cold because there’s nothing so gross as a nice chug of refreshingly cold water in summer, only to find it’s gone tepid. I couldn’t decide how to decorate it so I left it plain but the plain look is growing on me. Not everything needs to be fancy.

It's a square

And ta da!! My very first attempt at crocheting a square. Yes I know you think you see a triangle but I think if you look again you’ll find that it’s a square. It certainly was meant to be! I think I learnt to decrease without even trying. How very clever of me! Hopefully attempt 2 will have more of a 4 sided quality about it!



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3 responses to “Eco bottle cosy

  1. Wonderful cozy! Wow. 🙂

  2. bookwormbethie

    very pretty cozy, and i agree, it looks beautiful plain. do you plan to use the rest of the sweater for felt softies??

    and congrats on accidentally teaching yourself a new crochet technique!

  3. Just going to look for ecotanka now so thanks for posting! Keep going with the crochet it really is easy once you can do it ;)!!!! Says the ady who can only knit in straight lines and with one stitch!!! x

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