Taking a moment

…for some gratitude. What a month, I cannot wait for July to be over! Dave’s mother died just over a week ago, there was the whole cat incident of which I bet you are as sick of hearing about as I am of living through! (BTW Rastus is doing so well, even if he looks terrible and will never be so cute again) Dave cut the side of his work car open like a tin can yesterday, he spilled coffee on a computer today and on it goes. So I’m making myself stop and take some time to actively think of all the good parts of this very bad month. And guess what? Once I thought about it I found it was actually a rather long list. Yay!

– Crafty mail:
New craft books

I bought these two books recently on Trade Me after looking for the orange one but always missing out (after seeing it put to use here) and they came this week. The orange book is exactly what I hoped for. But the rag bag toys one? Oh. My. God. You can make a ‘darkie doll’. And Simple Simon who is apparently ‘adorably idiotic’. And made from undies. The book doesn’t have the pattern sheet with it so it’s useless to me but it certainly is a eye opening look into the past!

– Other crafty mail, namely my two weight loss incentives:
Weight loss incentives

The fabric is so pretty and the book looks very promising. They will be great incentives for me. I finally weighed myself too. I had to go to a department store and skulk in the corner with the scales. I took off my jersey and shoes tehehe, got a few funny looks too! The horrifying details of the beginning of my journey will be updated here for those who want a fright.

– The most beautiful song I have heard in many, many months. I love finding new-to-me music that touches me the way this song does.

– 9 days until my fertility appointment!!

– The possibility of owning our own house within a year or two!! So grown up!!

– Learning to crochet:
New stitch

I’ve progressed from chain stitch to single crochet. Yes, I know it looks nothing like the swatch the lady in the youtube video made but despite my messy stitches I am finding making the stitches very easy. Much more so than knitting. I don’t need my mothers help for this!!

– The smell of beeswax. There’s something so timeless about it. Sounds weird maybe but 500 years ago beeswax still smelled like it does today. I just love that.
Mmmm beeswax

– People. You. The wonderful, generous and kind people who read my blog. Thank you so much for the help with the vet, the kind comments, all that wonderful and knowledgeable sewing advice for a newbie and the kind words about Dave’s mother. We have both appreciated it so very much.

– Finding out that when I am busy feeling sorry for myself I really do have so very many things to be grateful for.



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6 responses to “Taking a moment

  1. (Hugs) to you…it does sound like a difficult month. I think the same thing about beeswax…just love it!

  2. That fabric is going to make a lovely skirt! (What great motivation too 🙂

    You have so very much going on, I hope you get time to just breathe & enjoy a cup of tea 🙂

  3. glendasikes

    I’m sorry for the loss of Dave’s mom.

    Sometimes it can be challenging to find the good when you feel like the little black cloud is hovering over your head nonstop, but you’ve done a really nice job of finding the good :). That skirt fabric is beautiful.

  4. So glad someone’s planning to use the Jacobean Leaves designs, thanks for letting me know. Makes the time taken to draw up the patterns worthwhile. Hope your spell of rotten luck has passed and only good things are coming your way now. Kelly

  5. bookwormbethie

    It’s always uplifting, and necessary to help improve our moods and attitude, to find the good with the bad.

  6. It does sometimes take counting your blessings to see the sunnier side of life – hope things are good with you now! I got the skirt book out of the library in UK and thought it was good so need ot see if we’ve a copy in our local library. xx

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