An actual craft post!!

Really Steph? You’ve remembered that you have a craft blog, not a cat blog? About time! But seriously first I have to thank those of you who left kind comments, donated money and bought something in my etsy. We so SO appreciate it. Rastus is doing better today, his eye is less swollen, he doesn’t seem to be in pain and he has been super smoochy which I think means he learnt something from his whoopin’. Ginga got jumped by one of their cats today too on our property, and got several nasty gouges so….it’s on now. I was debating saying something to our ‘dear’ neighbours and I am absolutely going to now. Spay your cats, trim their claws, pay my vet bill, parent your fatherless baby, stop the parties, stop your car alarm going off at 4am, stop littering our path and please oh please just MOVE OUT. Not sure if it will get anything other than a snort from them but I have to try.

~deep calming breaths~

Moving on…I have been particularly crafty lately. You know those clear plastic bags you put your produce in at the supermarket? What do you do with them? They usually end up in the rubbish or recycling bin after one use right? Not many people other than my grandma reuse them. I don’t and have been feeling bad about throwing them out so I decided to make a couple of tulle produce bags.

Reusable tulle produce bags

They are feather light, were much easier to sew than I was expecting and took very little tulle and time. Tulle has a tendency to rip easily but I can sew any little holes shut to extend their life and while it’s not the most natural of materials the reusability factor makes me feel just that much better about making an effort.



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4 responses to “An actual craft post!!

  1. glendasikes

    I’ve been wanting to make the tulle produce bags forever. What type of thread did you use, and did you use a really tight stitch?

  2. bookwormbethie

    best of luck chatting with your neighbors and i hope they are understanding

  3. That tulle bag is a great idea!

    I feel for you with the bad neighbors, hope you are able to resolve that!

  4. What sweet bags .. just perfect for farmers markets .. I always feel like such a dork when I have to use plastic ones cause I left the cloth bags at home!

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