A shameless plea – yukky photo alert

$333.30. That’s the vet bill we got today after we had to rush Rastus to the vet yesterday. He came inside before dinner and he had horrific facial wounds. Big open cuts and blood. Lots of it. I nearly died of fright. His ear was cut to the cartilidge – 4 stitches. The skin at the corner of his eye was sliced open – 2 stitches. $100 anaesthetic, $60 surgery, pills, ointment, one very sorry little pussy cat and two palefaced humans trying to digest the bill. The cats next door aren’t spayed so they’re often violent towards other cats and Rastus is gentle but stupid and gets curious about their house. They sent him to the vet less than 2 months ago with bite wounds. It’s virtually impossible for an outdoor cat to ever settle into being an indoor cat too so please don’t suggest it. We’ve tried it.

Rastus after surgery

So I’m shamelessly asking if you’ve seen anything in my etsy shop that you like now is so the time to buy it and help us pay the bill. I nearly cried when we got it. We were finally starting to get ahead until that moment. If you can’t or don’t want to buy anything but can spare anything at all my paypal is firechick1405 (at) gmail (dot) com. It’s hard and very embarrassing to be that type of begging person who I dislike but the bill is just so big. I thrifted a bag recently that I’d like to try draft a pattern for my etsy. If anyone donates money and I can figure out the pattern I’ll send it to you for free.



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6 responses to “A shameless plea – yukky photo alert

  1. OMG…..poor Rastus, that is just horrible…..I’m so sorry. xx

  2. dawn

    I bet you would like for those “nice” people to paid the vet bill. I hate when people don’t take care of fixing their animals. I hope kitty is feeling better real quick!

  3. anonymous

    we “converted” an outdoor cat by making a large enclosure (cat patio) that attached to the bedroom window … after “one to many” incidents, she was sooo ready to accept the compromise. It was made of various “recycled” screen doors and wood with screen tacked on, tables and cushions. There was a little pet door on one “wall” so she could get out if she felt like wandering … and get back in when she felt scared. We didn’t get many other “intruders” … the “house/human” scent usually discourages most other cats … and a few spritzes of the hose (not at … just near) makes the point with the really brazen !

  4. I hope your kitty is doing better. It makes me so sad to see this photo

  5. L Hume

    We had two outside/inside cats years ago when we lived in the country. We moved to the city and they had to become inside cats. Because of being in the country, they had no idea what cars were. It took a lot of work! Mostly watching the opening of every door. But over time they got used to the idea. (It helped that the few ‘escapes’ were during really bad weather. Cold. Wet driving rain. Snow. Made a huge difference.) Good luck with what ever route you take.

  6. That’s awful! Poor Rastus! I used to have a cat who would come home all cut up (though not as bad as yours) and he would purr like crazy when you put disinfectant on his wounds, even though it hurt. Like he knew we were trying to take care of him. I hope Rastus recovers soon and everything works out with your neighbors.

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