cheep cheep

I am learning two new crafts at the moment. TWO. Normally I never learn one, let alone multiple things. I am trying crochet again. Thanks to youtube videos (such a gift for lefties and visual learners, of which I am both) I have mastered chain stitch. Admittedly I am having trouble learning the next step so may just festoon my house in a long crocheted chain of yarn but…it’s a step. I just can’t get the book diagrams so it’s back to youtube.


And cheep cheep….

Cheep cheep!

Looks cheap cheap too right now and it only stands upright if you rest it at exactly the right angle and face it to the left but it’s only my first attempt. I am loving working in a new medium. I have to buy some beeswax and make a sealer because I am planning on making a small flock of these birds to practise my cutting ‘skills’ and hopefully I will eventually make one that is worth sealing and giving to a child. Although since my hands are now stained yellow maybe I should seal even the failures. No wonder all my t-shirts are stained…



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2 responses to “cheep cheep

  1. Glenda

    Ohhhhh, I’ll have to remember to check youtube when I’m ready to try crocheting (which I’ve been wanting to do for several years now) — written instructions just don’t compute in my brain — I need to SEE what to do. Thanks for the tip, and congrats on mastering the chain stitch!

    Aw, what an adorable wooden bird :).

    Have fun with your two new crafts!!

  2. Good for you! Those are both crafts that I would love to learn. That bird is cute. 🙂

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