A great find

I was all set to blog before about how things are just plain poop around here. I’m not going to air the family laundry right now but it’s been full on and there’s been little fun lately. But in the midst of it all we found ourselves with half an hour to fill in a suburb with two thrift stores. The look of utter boredom on Dave’s face told me what he thought of it but I had fun for the first day in a long while. I rifled through the sweater rack in hope of finding a feltable jersey – no luck but that’s thrifting for you. I did a small (internal) dance when I found these though:


I had 15 Beatrix Potter books last year when I was planning to do childcare and after that went bad I sold them as I didn’t need them and have kicked myself ever since so 7 at once is a great start to a new collection. The thin book down the bottom is The Velveteen Rabbit which is such a beautiful classic book. And more Winnie the Pooh for my collection? I’m positively giddy from it! Pooh and me go way back. And guess what? I’ve kept this secret for a couple of weeks (I’ll tell you why later in the week) but we have our appointment with the fertility specialist next month! August the 3rd which is only 3 weeks away!! When we first got the appointment I very nearly passed out from the happiness! I’m quite the drama queen at times but that bit was real, pure excitement! 21 sleeps til Santa!



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2 responses to “A great find

  1. Those are some of my favorite childhood classics that you found. I hope you’ll be reading them to your own child very soon. 🙂

  2. glendasikes

    These next three weeks will alternatively fly by and drag along for you 😉 — waiting for something so important is crazy that way!

    What great thrift store finds.

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