I tried to call my brother at work last week but his boss said he wasn’t there. He’s off to Rarotonga next month for a winter getaway with his girlfriend (can you die of jealousy?) so he wouldn’t be on leave and he is never off sick so I was stumped. I found out yesterday he’s been home with swine flu. Oh my. For someone who never gets a little cold or flu the boy does get the big stuff. You get the runs, he gets giardia; you get the flu, he gets swine flu; you get a cough, he gets pnuemonia. Sheesh, what a drama queen that boy is. He’s fine, just a mild dose and I doubt he even stayed home in quarantine – when you work 10 hours days and suddenly have a paid week off would you? Plus everyone he knows probably has it so he can hang out with them!

Anyway I thought it was quite ironic that while he’s been all ‘swiney’ I have spent the past few days working on these:

Piggles and Wilbur

Piggles and her piglet Wilbur. Piggles because that’s what we call Rastus (Ginga is Giggles) and Wilbur because I just thrifted a copy of Charlotte’s Web and cannot wait to read it again after so many years – such a childhood classic. I am thrilled with the little piglet but the pig was a first try for sure, she keeps collapsing on her legs so I have to make a new one. Piggles can go stand collapse on the ‘first try shelf’ with the other ‘almosts’. They are from Sew Soft Toys by Karin Neuschutz which I bought from Winterwood. SUCH great service! When I sent an email asking how much it would be including postage Sandra emailed me saying a place here in NZ carries it and it might be cheaper for me to buy it from them instead! How’s that for nice? For service like that I’m prepared to pay a bit more!



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3 responses to “Piggles

  1. Goodness, hope your brother recovers soon – the pigs are just the cutest! x

  2. mia

    very cute ! it’s nice to know someone as talented as you has an “almost shelf” … which sounds so much better than my name for my shelf !

  3. Piggles and Wilbur are both adorable. I love that book, Charlotte’s Web. I hope your brother is alright.

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