Bridled freedom

More than 2 months after my grandmother paid for it I finally finished the hobby horse she bought. It was becoming a real pain in my backside but because the little girl it’s for is having her birthday in a couple of weeks I had to sit down and ignore everything else until it was finished. So after I vacuumed, mopped, did the laundry…and the dishes, tided the house and generally dicked around for as long as possible I finished the horse including a bridle as per my grandma’s request. I had never made one before and the horse design didn’t really suit one so it’s a little wierd but it’s for a 2 yr old so I think the fact that it is pink will be the only real issue for her.

Hobby Horse with bridle

And now it has ridden out of my life I am free at last to make things I am not sick and tired of seeing for 2 straight months. Always a Very Good Thing. And just in case my WIP was in danger of getting smaller my swap from bookwormbethie arrived today with goodness destined to become a softie and a cat bed. So while I love what she sent it seems I have crossed one WIP off my list only to be replaced with TWO. Oi.

Goodies from Beth


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5 responses to “Bridled freedom

  1. Well I think that the hobby horse is very cute! I’m sure a little two year old girl will love it. Is the pattern you used the one from Living Crafts?

  2. jen

    its lovely
    hope she loves it

  3. What a cute horse! I don’t think the bridle looks weird at all. The felt hexagons are perfect.

  4. I think the horse is adorable!

  5. The hobby horse is just awesome. I know both my two little girls would be amazed with such a unique gift. Congrats on gettin git finished! x

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