Thanks for the colour advice for the tablecloth. I’m thinking blue, green, yellow and white/cream. The pink is quite bright deep which is a tricky tricky colour to work with. But we all need a challenge sometimes.


I am so so happy to write this bit: Rastus is improving at long last. The last couple of weeks have felt like months and he seemed to be getting skinnier by the day, more aggressive – unbelievably so and staying away alot. He clobbered my face twice leaving me with wounds and a fair few tears. We googled everything we could think of and wished it was payweek so we could get him to the vet but all google told me was that he’s possibly pregnant. Thanks. We wormed them both because Ginga had worms and a big potbelly but we don’t know if Ras had them cos his jubbly tummy was vanishing. Can 2 cats in the same house have different worms at the same time? I wouldn’t have thought so but maybe because we gave him a follow up pill 10 days later and it was instant. Rastus was back, he’s 95% normal again. No face clobbering, no lunging, no hissing and only a tiny bit of growling at the front door and Ginga. I’m on tenterhooks in case he snaps again but so far he’s been nothing but affectionate, smoochy and adorable.


PS. ignore the ugly foam he’s sleeping on, we got it to make a chair cushion and Rastus found it and claimed it. We are of course too soft to take it away and replace it with something fit to be seen in public.


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5 responses to “Improving

  1. I’m so glad the Rastus is feeling better. Good job on figuring out the problem.

  2. I think white/cream would be lovely on that tablecloth! 🙂

    Glad Rastus is feeling a bit better!

  3. The best place in the whole world……xx

  4. How precious. I am so glad he is feeling better. I have not been here in a while but am trying to catch up on my blog reading. I have always loved your blog.

  5. I don’t think Rastus cares what his ‘bed’ looks like! So glad that he is feeling better. x

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