She who waits


This was in a thrift store for 11 months! Why? Because they wanted $25 for it! But I waited and waited (and waited) and they finally dropped the price to $5 so of course I nabbed it. I am going to try stitching it. I don’t even have a dining table to use it on but since I reckon it’ll take many many years at my snails space that’s okay. But I’m not sure what colours to embroider it in, pink is a tricky background colour for me. Any advice? Maybe the flowers in each corner a different colour?

By the way the buttons go to Amy of Seven Stitches. Amy, my emails to you keep bouncing but I’ll try be in touch asap.



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6 responses to “She who waits

  1. anonymous

    color suggestions:
    multiple shades of pinks and reds
    multiple shades of green
    a little yellow and blue for interest (in multiple shades)

    try using the ombre threads as guidelines (but don’t use them)
    to achieve a “shimmer” look, combine 2 or even 3 different colored threads by PLYING
    or stitch like a painter … determine your light source … and stitch the lightest shade closest to it, and then stitch darker shades away from it …

    design suggestions:
    make all corners SIMILAR but not the same …

  2. glendasikes

    My first thought when I saw the tablecloth was that various shades of white/cream would be very pretty, if the pink is as pale as it looks in the photo. But that might get boring over a long period of stitching time, and might not be the best choice if you’re actually going to use the tablecloth.

    I’d check flickr, and google images too, to see if there are pics out there of embroidery done on a similar colored background — if there are, that might give you an idea of what appeals to you and what doesn’t re: floss colors for that background.

  3. My first though was embroider in shades of green and cream, but then green flowers would be a bit odd.
    I’m so excited about the buttons. I can’t see your email address above to write to, but this should get to me – cabb77(at)

  4. Some nice strong reds here and there might be nice with that pink …

  5. My word, what a gorgeous thrift find. And good on you for waiting and grinding them down price-wise. I’m so impatient and probably would’ve caved!
    I’ve just done another post on ‘craftstipation’ with all the ‘cures’ offered in the comments… perhaps they can help you get moving with me!!

  6. Awesome find there Steph – this must have been the cloth you told me about!!!! Can’t be any help to you on what colours to use but can’t wait to see your progress. x

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