I’ve decided to take a wee break from blogging, flickring etc. As usual this may turn out to be 3 days or 3 weeks or who knows how long. I can feel the need for change in my life building and building in different ways. I want to make different things, I want to move to a house where my cats are happier, I want to finally get an appointment to see a fertility specialist (2-6 month waiting list and we’re at 3 months so it’s driving me nuts). Dave’s mother is back in hospital and fading fast. Poor Dave acts all tough about his crazy family but I know he’s upset. Luckily his boss said something about a pay bonus recently so we will have just enough money for him to fly down for the funeral.

So it’s time to take a break and work on our life in private. If you should happen to get the urge to support our little family most things in my shop are on sale in preperation for a change of direction and I’ll still be replying to comments. See you soon.



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11 responses to “Hiatus

  1. Hope everything will turn out the way you want to! Change often is a good thing! πŸ™‚

  2. All the best with the waiting. I hope it’s not too long and I look forward to reading more when your back.

  3. Enjoy your break and take the time you need for yourself and your family. ((HUGS))

  4. *hug* Take care of yourself.

  5. I hope you have a safe, refreshing, productive and happy hiatus…good luck in your endeavors!

  6. Best wishes on your little break, its is a good thing sometimes. I will be thoughtful of your family, I pray all will go well. I am enjoying my stitchery and will send prayers your way when I look upon it.

  7. bookwormbethie

    Best wishes on your break. I was quite productive we temporarily didn’t have our CPU when it needed repairs.

    Sorry to hear about Dave’s mom. I hope he gets to fly down to visit her and not have to fly for a funeral. I’m sorry about that.

    And with the fertility clinic waiting list, you’re half way there and you never know what will happen with the people ahead of you on the list.

  8. I just tagged you for a meme but I guess you won’t be doing it!! I hope that the break is what you need. Good luck for both you and Dave in the upcoming months – my thought and wishes are with you. x

  9. I know exactly how you feel. I still feel all wierdly discombulated or something over here. 😦

    I will miss you, and i haven’t forgotten that you wanted a scan of the laundry line floss work, but I don’t have a scanner that works with vista, so I am trying to work out a way to get some kind of better photo to you. πŸ™‚

  10. Just when I decide to get back to blogging, you take a break! LOL! Enjoy! I’ll be lurking around catching up on all the crafty goodness that I’ve missed out on over these last few months….like the photo of your cat in a knitted hoodie…I’m still giggling!!

  11. Oh I hope everything gets better! I will miss reading your blog… (Just when I get back to blogging myself.)

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