More vintage bunting

Ever since I made the first string of bunting with vintage embroidered linens I have been on the lookout for more but alas…there just seems to be a shortage of them in Wellington thrift stores. But recently when we were up in a small town called (I’m so not giving away my source lol) we found this great little shop that was like the motherlode. They import vintage linens from the US so they are more expensive than thrifted ones but wow wow WOW. Americans have NO idea how lucky they are to have easy access to all those old things. So finally this week I finished another bunting. Purple. I love purple, it’s hard for purple not to be fun.

Vintage embroidered bunting

So if you’ve ever wanted a string of fun purple bunting on your wall or if you’ve ever wanted some but didn’t know you wanted some go check it out in my shop. But if purple isn’t your thing no worries, I’ll be making more real soon. Cos some things…you just have to, ya know?

Vintage embroidered bunting


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6 responses to “More vintage bunting

  1. This is so cute! I made some bunting for baby showers, but I love the idea of using the vintage hankies!

  2. I saw a vintage table cloth in an antique shop this week…oh how I wished I bought it now! What a great idea!

  3. That is AMAZING! I love it love it love it!

  4. Billie

    I have inherited my Grandmas embroidered bits and bobs and would love to make a bunting. I have no idea where to start could you tell me how to go about it? Thanks in advance Billie

  5. Billie

    many thanks

  6. Im a huge collector of thrifted embroidery, I like to make stuff out of them, I have to say your bunting is stunning! Found you via flicker. Hi :-p

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