Bunnies and Bella’s mittens

I love bunny rabbit ‘stuff’. I blame the cute floppy ears. Lately I’ve had bunnies on the brain. I scored a pair of bunny bookends at the recycling shop. Because every childless 30 year old needs a pair of those. You know it.


I made this bunny from Living Crafts magazine (the Summer issue is out btw). So much cute in one small toy.

Bunny love

I’m loving working with felt and have plans to make a whole series of felt toys. After the bunting thats half pinned….and the hobby horse my grandma ordered 6 weeks ago….and the other bunting….and that set of cushions….and the embroidery for my mother – since mothers day was over 2 (3?) weeks ago. So yeah, felt toys are on the list. Wool felt mmmm. Where do you buy yours from?

I also have plans to learn to knit. Followers of my blog will know that my attempts to knit are about as bad as my attempts to cook. The stupid level is high. My mum however knits amazingly and lately has made me several things. Admittedly some of them had to be finished by the yarn shop lady and won’t be ready until next week but she did whip me up a pair of Bella’s Mittens (link) from the Twilight movie just in time for winter. The blog name the pattern comes from is even called Subliminal Rabbit. Must have been fate.

Bella's Mittens



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4 responses to “Bunnies and Bella’s mittens

  1. jen

    like your bookends wtg my friend

  2. Bunnies are very cute……I always kept real ones as a child….I should get one for the kids. Hope you are staying warm. xx

  3. very nice. I love it!!

  4. bookwormbethie

    oh goodness, i simply simply simply adore those bunny bookends! love them to pieces!!!!

    your blanket stitching is amazing on your felt bunny too!

    good luck with knitting. i tried it once, managed to master knit and purl stitches, but found the process so stressful rather than relaxing since i had no idea how to correct my mistakes so i would spend sooooo much energy focusing on my stitches.

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