I have no excuse for this screw up

I really have no excuse this time. Not that I ever really do when I try make food. Bake, cook, grill….always always there is something I forget. Grilling the chicken instead of roasting it. Grilling the chocolate cake instead of baking it. 3 different times. Including on Dave’s birthday. Oh boy did that one make me angry at myself! So I’m not surprised that my non-existant attention span did it again.

I have no excuse for this screw up

I made bread by hand today because we’re still on the lookout for a good machine recipe. I have two loaf pans and somehow I convinced myself that a recipe for one loaf will go into two loaf pans. It will but the resulting loaves will be so bloody small you can literally eat half a loaf worth of slices and still be hungry. But the recipe seemed nice and I have high hopes for it next time. I plan to hide one of the loaf pans before I try again though, just in case.



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6 responses to “I have no excuse for this screw up

  1. I do these things too. Trying to get more out of my ingredients than is possible I always add more stock to the soup for example so I end up with 1,5 liter of thin soup instead of 1 liter decent soup. šŸ˜€

  2. yep – i’m right there with you – except i have a tendency to guess what’s coming next in a recipe or making do with a different ingredient – doesn’t always work šŸ˜¦
    My biggest problem is that I try and rush through it – I’ve worked out now that if I get everything out and ready and double checked then it usually (usually) works!
    goodluck – i’m sure it will get better with practice šŸ™‚

  3. I mess things up too. I often leave ingredients out because they were still in the microwave and only find them hours later. I’m pleased to hear the bread was still morish.

  4. It looks delicious anyway! x

  5. good job !!! it looks perfect, like right from a good bakery.
    see you don’t need a bread machine LOL !
    i love bread so much — but my body doesn’t do well on a bread diet šŸ˜¦
    we ‘ve had a bread machine for at least 6 or 7 years, that we use for the dough but we bake the bread in the oven as my husband says the crust is too soft when baked in the machine…

  6. you were not happy with it ?!

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