Heart Felt Mail

Jannelle and I recently did a swap after I fell in love with the felt patches she embellishes her upcycled kids clothes with. I originally had plans to use them on a set of 4 cushions to replace the old pillows we use now (I really should do a post about how redneck we are) but I think I might have to put at least one on a bag to show it off. I just can’t choose which one!!

Swap from Janelle

Because we live on the edge of a native reserve we get a lot of Tui (a gorgeous talkative native bird with a white tuft under its chin and a very bossy attitude) so I chose a tui, fantail, Kowhai flowers (also native to New Zealand) and a quirky bird….just because it makes me smile. She has a set of patches for sale in her Felt shop or you can check out her Etsy or Trade Me for more upcycled kids clothes. Reasonably priced kids clothes and supporting a crafty mama? We love that!



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3 responses to “Heart Felt Mail

  1. What an incredible idea, making patches out of old clothes! Sounds like a good summer project for us. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. ooh that Tui patch is so sweet! And I had never heard of a Tui before and now I do, thanks for sharing. : )

  3. Thanks Steph for the beautiful swap, Sadie loves her crown very much. xx

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