Some faves

A nice normal weekend, sun, reading, thrifting (I have embroidery patterns to share next time), planning (man, I love lists) and to burst my bubble and scare me one of the cats (Rastus) came inside this evening with a leg injury so he’s off to the vet asap tomorrow morning. Nothing serious but we can’t handle the sight of him limping and being in pain. That money was just sitting in the bank doing nothing anyway….

Normal posting will resume shortly…

Current faves

1. Splash!, 2. sweet sleep, 3. Book Worm, 4. sometimes you just need beef, 5. mom’s embroidery, 6. For a friend, 7. daisy009, 8. almost done, 9. cleaning day, 10. 20090423 Alice In Wonderland Box Set, 11. Cat Hoodie – Making Me Purrrrrr…., 12. Chinese Lantern, 13. yellow and woolly, 14. felted bunny and sunflower girl, 15. Colour wheel of fluff, 16. Sadie wearing “Heart Felt” hooded jacket



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5 responses to “Some faves

  1. Lovely stitching! Great pics.

  2. mmmm, love this collection 🙂

  3. hope rastus is okay 🙂

  4. So sorry to read that Rastus was hurt. I hope he feels better soon.
    This is a fun collection of photos!

  5. Scratches under the chin for Rastus…….thanks again for using one of my pics. xx

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