My bliss

My embroidery bliss is back! I had SO much fun stitching this pattern. Unpicking and knots included. Stitch on!

Heart you

My thrifting bliss (a trip north yesterday meant a whole new set of second hand and thrift stores to rummage through):

Thrifting scores

My second set of stacking dolls this year. I must be collecting them now I guess!

Thrifted stacking dolls

I got my swap parcel from Tracy yesterday. My copy of Living Crafts magazine, yay! Thank you Tracy! Heaps of stuff I must make. Those bunnies on the cover…first on the list.

Mail love

My first hobby horse with a spikey head of hair. Much more kid friendly!


My ginger bliss (and the most annoying cat I have ever owned):



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4 responses to “My bliss

  1. Thank you for making my pattern looking so lovely! And I’m so happy you enjoy embroidery again! x

  2. I love the old bear and little bear stories. Your embroidery is so sweet too.
    Love the hex horse!

  3. bookwormbethie

    those stacking dolls are awesome and will be a great thing to start collecting since they are so unique! i still dream of the set i played with as a child…….

    your new hobby horse is lovely, the edges of the shapes (hexagons???) remind me of a soccer ball! have you given this horsie a name?

    should dave be scared about that book called ‘revenge of the middle aged woman’?! plus aren’t you a youngin’ around 30 years of age?! that’s hardly middle age! (although my gray hairs tell a different story!)

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