Time to forget it all

Thank you all for your kind words about Ginga’s return and about Dave’s mother. Ginga is SO happy to be home. For those who have asked about Ginga’s story you can read it here. Dave is flying down tomorrow evening to see his mother in hospital. We don’t know how bad she is.

While I am home alone this weekend I just want to forget all the stress for an hour or two and I will be stitching at long last. There are so many great stitchy patterns around at the moment that beg to be stitched like this, this, this, this and this. How will I pick which one to begin with?



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3 responses to “Time to forget it all

  1. bookwormbethie

    hard to decide, at least they are all freebies though! I’m stitching up a pattern by polka dot bunny right now!

  2. my3boysandi

    im sori about Daves mum
    I had to read back to find out about her
    been away and am slowly getting back into the grove again
    my thoughts and prayers are with Dave, his mum and any other family or friends

    great news about your cat 🙂



  3. How incredibly depressing… there is a Mills and Boon author with my name… 😦 Anywho… love your site, you are very talented 🙂

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