Why my craft blog is lacking crafts


I have a…distraction? Irritation? Obstruction! Yes! I have a distracting, irritating obstruction who needs attention and he needs it now! That felt hobby horse I am sewing? Well that’s just like a cushion for a big cat butt. He doesn’t know what to do with himself when it rains and he can’t go out so he settles for bothering me.

Cat face

I do have some new projects coming soon…I just need a sunny day to kick the cat outside to actually do them.



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8 responses to “Why my craft blog is lacking crafts

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  2. I love your cat. I am a cat lover and am waiting patiently for my ability to own one… that will be in about another 50 years! How I wish to feel the soft fur rub against my legs and hear to soft purrs…

  3. Aww, he looks like such a sweet distraction!

  4. I also have a sweet distraction- a 4 month old grandson. Everytime I start sewing he wants fed, changed, or just to be held. He is sweet though. I love your kitty.

  5. Cat

    And such an innocent face!

  6. What a sweet distraction! I love that photo of your cat.

  7. I totally know what you mean!!! If I embroider, I have to keep an eye on anywhere from 2 to 4 eyes just waiting to go for the moving thread! When I’m on the computer (writing papers for finals this week), all 3 of my cats take turns jumping on my lap, cuddling, and getting grumbly if I need to move to actually type.

    Kitties are such a distraction sometime! 🙂 (But so loveably fun!)

  8. 2 to 6 eyes, actually…all 3 of my cats have 2 eyes. I just can’t count. 🙂

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