Swappety swappington

I love the weekends. For me every day is the weekend but I mean those 2 days where Dave and I get to chill as a couple and have fun until I get annoyed and send him to Matt’s house for 3 hours. OK so I really love Saturday mornings before I get sick of Dave begging for a cigarette. We sleep in, we thrift then we park the car somewhere quiet and eat hot chips and read the weekend paper. And I had a thrift score today at long last. It’s pretty slim pickings around here most of the time but I picked this lot up for $2:

Thrift score

According to the inside cover of the Harry Potter book there’s a local high school missing a copy 😉 The stacking dolls are all there – 8 dolls and only one is slightly broken at the back of it. A Teddy Bear Tale is from the 50’s I think. Another one of those books with cute little stories. A little bear who didn’t like carrots ate a whole jar of sugar lumps and got sent to bed with a tummy ache. Love it! I’ll have to take a few pictures inside it. When I’m not stuffed full of bread. I finally hit the right bread recipe – french setting, medium crust. Although don’t get smart and add extra yeast to see what will happen. Because this will happen:
Too much yeast

See that peak on the top of the loaf? That was where it stuck to the top of the machine. I was worried it wasn’t going to stop rising. I thought it was going to lift the lid for a while. Lesson learnt!

Swappity swap

OK so here is my next swap offer – Embroidered Treasures: 22 Projects to Stitch for Babies and Children by Claire Garland. It’s the British version, the US version is the same inside but with a baby on the cover. I wanted this book for ages and although there are some cuuuuuutteeee things to make in here it’s just not….me. You know what I mean? Infertility sucks like that. Baby stuff is cute but pointless for me. Great book, just not my style. I hope you guys understand why I have to offer these books to swap. Postage costs, ugh. If you would like to swap for it I will swap for the Spring Issue of Living Crafts (so this is probably for people in the US) and…ummm I don’t know. What else can you bribe me with? And for those outside the US interested in swapping I have two more books to swap in the very near future – The New Crewel (so stunning) and a sweet vintage Japanese embroidery book called Lovely Embroidery Patterns. Doe-C-Doe reviewed it here. If either of them interest you get your bribes ready! Enjoy your weekend!



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3 responses to “Swappety swappington

  1. I am always amazed at your op shop finds – didn’t you find a book brought out in the war that was all about making and mending and coping with very little? That looked fabulous.
    I’m a bit like you – I love the idea of weekends but by Sunday afternoon I’m looking forward to them going back to school/work so I can clean up again. lol I have had to learn to relax about the state of my house on weekends and holidays……

  2. Look at that bread! Yum. I’m glad you found a recipe you liked. It took me awhile and some experimenting to find something that worked for me. I make my bread with the kitchen aid stand mixer.
    I like the sound of your weekends. You’re so good at finding thrifted treasures.

  3. Hi Steph! The book – Embroidered Treasures: 22 Projects to Stitch for Babies and Children – looks like a lot of fun (I am a very proud auntie)! I would be willing to swap some things for it. I just picked up some fun vintage sequins (see here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/spoolsisters/3456130393/ ), and I have a lot of fabric in my stash in a variety of colors and prints. I am sure I can also track down the Living Crafts magazine – surprised I haven’t seen it already – looks like I might have to get more than one issue! 🙂 Let me know.

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