Post-fair breather

That was one crazy successful craft fair! The organiser Sue outdid herself, everyone sold like wildfire and the recession was nowhere to be seen. I sold nearly everything, finally gave in and bought one of Alison’s gorgeous door stops plus Louise came over and said hi and Amy introduced herself. I love that even in this tiny speck of a country bloggers still manage to find each other. (Amy, I’m not really that much of a dork, just shy! I swear!)

I was hoping to do an etsy update tomorrow but well…I have almost nothing left to sell! Such a problem, I know. I forsee a couple of very busy weeks ahead! Yesterday I finished everything I planned to make so I tried my hand at making a couple of those Waldorf birthday crowns that are so popular right now. They were very popular and I finally had a use for the Japanese linen tape I bought umm…nearly a year ago. I sense an excuse to buy some more. Darn.

Waldorf crowns

My pretty pretty mobiles looked so great moving in the breeze:

My mobiles

My stall:


And thank you all so much for the birthday wishes. I had a great day, my family all chipped in for the planned breadmaker, my dad remembered my birthday AND my name. Miracles all round. And Dave’s present was a $50 trip to the craft store:

Birthday present


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8 responses to “Post-fair breather

  1. Congrats on a great sale. I’m not surprised you did well…your stall looks so cheery and inviting.

  2. Oh yes! Your booth looks very inviting! Glad it went well for you, you items are lovely!

  3. Your craft stall looks so pretty with all the cute crafts you made. Congrats on a successful show. 🙂 Glad you had a wonderful birthday.

  4. bookwormbethie

    oh congrats on a successful show!

  5. bookwormbethie

    p.s. are the ponies gone? 😦

  6. Oh look – there’s my car in the car park!!

    It was so lovely to meet with you again. I was so impressed with your delicate, perfect stitches.

    Hope that you enjoy the doorstop.

    Bye for now, Alison

  7. Congratulations!!! & happy birthday, too :o) Your stuff looks SO high quality… seriously, everything you made looks so beautiful and professional. You’re awesome! Hope you have a good Wednesday.

  8. Very late comment I know but I’m catching up having returned to NZ!!!! Just wanted to say congratulations on your fair – how exciting the day must have been and how pleased with yourself you must have been. I was planning to go down for it but heading back to UK put paid to that. x

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